Month: February 2020

How to Evict A Roommate from Your Lease

Roommates can be great! They pay a portion of the rent, help with apartment maintenance, and can be fun to live with. However, this isn’t always the case. Occasionally a roommate doesn’t work out for one reason or another. Whether they’re not paying rent or regularly disrespect your property, chances are you no longer want […]

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The Future of Office Design

Office design has come a long way in the past decade or so. Gone (for the most part) are the rows of cramped desks where all you can hear is the sound of typing. Even cubicles have gone by the wayside in exchange for more open office plans that encourage collaboration and communication. However, as […]

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How to Have A Successful Moving Day

Congratulations on finding your new apartment! A new place is always exciting. It’s a chance to start fresh, decorate a new home, and make new memories. Before any of that happens, though, you have to move. And moving is never fun. While we can’t make it more enjoyable, we can help make the process a […]

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