The Future of Office Design

Future Office Designs

Office design has come a long way in the past decade or so. Gone (for the most part) are the rows of cramped desks where all you can hear is the sound
of typing. Even cubicles have gone by the wayside in exchange for more open office plans that encourage collaboration and communication. However, as
we head into a new decade office design is continuing to evolve. Activity-based working spaces are becoming popular and open offices are not as wonderful as they once seemed.

So, when you close your eyes and picture what your office looks like in 5 years, what do you see? Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Different Office Designs for Different Tasks

As mentioned, open office plans are not as popular as
they once were. Office space design has to balance two things, the productivity of staff and whether it’s fit for purpose. Many people who work in
an open office have reported that they aren’t as productive
compared to if they had a private space to work.

This common finding has lead business owners and office space designers to rethink the modern office layout. Recent trends are geared toward being a place
of socialization rather than a place to work, and, as a result, employee productivity is suffering.

To combat this, many modern companies are now creating spaces within the office for different activities. Each employee may have their own office but can
easily move to a room with a whiteboard to work on a team project or head to the lounge to relax and eat lunch. There may be private “phone booths”
for people to make calls in while the rest of the office is open and features tables for people to work at.

The objective is to provide employees with different spaces to be productive depending on the task.

The Future of Design

There’s no way to predict the future, but after evaluating current social trends, issues, and advancements in technology, we can take a guess as to what
office design in the near future may look like.

Sustainability Efforts

Millennials and members of the Gen Z generation who are beginning to enter the workforce value sustainability. If they’re forced to pick between two companies
to work for, they’re more likely to pick the one that makes more of an effort to be sustainable. Sustainable materials and energy from solar panels
are just two of the many way’s companies can start to be more environmentally friendly.

Customizable Office Spaces

Beyond designing spaces for different types of work, creating customizable office spaces is a growing trend. Modular furniture, walls that double as whiteboards,
and walls that can be slid in one way or another all promote flexibility and productivity.

Windows for Walls

Everyone likes more windows! Natural light increases productivity and a person’s happiness. Office designs are featuring larger windows and more of them!
They’re also incorporating outdoor workspaces so meetings can happen outside in the fresh air. Dark and stuffy offices are quickly becoming a thing
of the past.

Finding a New Commercial Office Space

Do you feel inspired to create a more modern office design? Our commercial buildings are “A” rated and offices can be altered and/or built to meet the
needs of your business! Whether you want an open plan, individual offices, or something in between, we can make it happen. Browse through our available properties today and contact us to schedule a tour!