Month: December 2019

How Gen Z Will Impact Your Workforce

Just as you’ve started to get a handle on what Millennials look for in a prospective employer and company, a new generation of workers is on the horizon. The iGeneration, or Generation Z, are those born between 1995 and 2010, with the oldest being about 23 and just entering the workforce. The U.S. Census Bureau […]

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How to Increase Your Customer Retention

For those in a product or service-based industry, customers are the number one priority. However, often the chase for new clients makes us forget about our existing clients. While trying to win over a prospective client, we don’t effectively address the needs and wants of existing clients. As a result, those clients leave and the […]

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How to Make Monotasking Work for you

Multi-tasking has been proven to heighten mental stress, ruin memory and concentration, and be literally impossible. So why do we still do it? “As much as people would like to believe otherwise, humans have finite neural resources that are depleted every time we switch between tasks,” The New York Times reports. “That’s why you feel […]

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