How to Have A Successful Moving Day

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Congratulations on finding your new apartment! A new place is always exciting. It’s a chance to start fresh, decorate a new home, and make new memories. Before any of that happens, though, you have to move. And moving is never fun.

While we can’t make it more enjoyable, we can help make the process a little easier. After reading through our tips for moving you’ll be an expert at packing, moving, and unpacking.


Tips for Moving Apartments

1. Declutter Your Apartment

You’ve likely been in your current apartment for at least a year, possibly way longer! During that time, you’ve inevitably acquired a lot of stuff; some things you can’t live without and others you haven’t touched in a while. If you haven’t used an item in a year or more, let it go. You likely won’t use it ever again.

If you have the time, consider selling your items online using Craigslist or Facebook. The extra money will be useful if you plan on hiring movers. It can also be used towards paying for boxes and packing supplies. If you’re short on time there are many organizations that will accept your donations. 

2. Make A Moving Checklist

A moving checklist will keep you organized and on-track throughout the moving process. It should include everything you need to do before moving out, the day you’re moving, and once you get into your new place. Common things to put on the list include hiring movers, changing your address, returning your keys, forwarding your mail, and setting up utilities at your new apartment.

3. Start Packing As Soon As Possible

Try as you may, you can’t move overnight. Moving requires a lot of preparation, including starting to pack ASAP. Start with seasonal items and then move on to items you only use on occasion. Things like books, clothing, serving dishes, decorations, and (most of) your kid’s toys can all be packed a few weeks before the big move.

4. Learn how to Pack the Right Way

With that said, learn how to pack the right way. This includes knowing what size move you have, organizing your items, and planning a packing order. Having a strategy will make packing seem like a much more manageable task.

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5. Make a First Night Box

After not going to be able to move and unpack everything in your new place in one day. For that reason, make a first night box so you have the essentials easily accessible. In the box you should include the following:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Any necessary personal care items
  • Clothes for the next day
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap
  • Clean linens for your bed
  • A bath towel for each person
  • Pajamas
  • Basic tool kit
  • Disposable utensils and dishware
  • Any necessary chargers
  • Medications

6. Clean Before Moving Out

This seems like extra work, but it will save you money and frustration. If you don’t clean before handing over your keys money will likely be deducted from your security deposit to pay for a professional cleaning service. Remember to clean appliances, the floors, ceiling fans, dust, sweep the balcony, and vacuum out the pantry.

Moving to a Rosetti Property

Moving is quite the process, but once you’re in your new apartment at one of our Rosetti Properties it will all be worth it! Learn more about our 1,2 and 3-bedroom apartments and schedule a tour today. We can’t wait to show you around!