Month: May 2020

What You Need to Know for a Cross Country Move

Moving is always a little complicated and stressful, but a cross-country move is on an entirely different level. It requires strategy, careful planning, and a willingness to go with the flow, as everything will probably not go exactly as you planned. With the following tips, you can have the adventure and move of a lifetime! […]

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How to Maintain Your Privacy with Roommates

Having roommates is a great way to save money in college, as you’re getting started in your career, or just because! However, try as you might, you may not have the ideal living situation when you choose to live with roommates. Common areas such as the living room, bathrooms, and kitchen can become dirtier more […]

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How to Downsize Into an Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting time filled with new furniture, décor, and kitchen equipment. However, transitioning to an apartment from a home or larger space can be a stressful challenge. From sorting through furniture and belongings to adjusting to apartment life, the change can take some time to get used to. TRANSITIONING […]

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