How Your Office Space Can Affect Company Culture

Company culture office design

Did you know that 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success? One of the biggest contributors
to workplace culture is the office space. Office space can make or break a company and effects employee productivity, wellbeing, morale, and happiness. That’s lot of power for something many business owners
consider an afterthought.

Here’s how office space can affect company culture and enable employers to build long term relationships with their employees.

Build a Culture of Inclusivity

In just a few years Millennials will make up
a majority of the workforce. Organizations must change their office space and culture to accommodate the generation or risk poor employee retention
and relationships.

One element of company culture that Millennials seek out is inclusivity. This is encouraged with open office plans, designated spaces for collaboration,
and open-door policies.

Hotdesking is also becoming popular, making it easier for employees to work closely with a range of people rather than always sitting at the same desk.
People are encouraged to move from desk to desk, getting to know their colleagues.

Break rooms and fun amenities like ping pong tables and comfortable lounge areas are also on the rise and are appealing to millennials. They encourage team bonding and make it easier
for employees to interact with each other. In an office full of cubicles, it’s highly unlikely that people will interact or get to know one another.

Consider the Décor

We don’t decorate our homes with white walls, dull carpeting, and generic motivational posters, so why should an office be decorated that way? With a third
of a person’s life spent at work, the environment should be comfortable as well as one that sparks creativity.

Color is an important tool as it can impact concentration as well as creativity. Shades of blue and green increase productivity, communication, and creativity,
while yellow encourages happiness. Complete you space with intriguing artwork and dynamic furniture for a truly creative atmosphere.

Health and Wellbeing

A well-designed office is also beneficial for employee health and wellbeing. Natural light, greenery, ergonomic furniture, and outdoor work spaces all
have a positive effect on employee mood. In fact, plants in offices can reduce stress, increase productivity, and even bring down sickness and absence

93% of workers in the tech industry said they would stay longer at a company that offered healthier workplace benefits. While this does include benefits
such as gym memberships and healthy snacks, it also includes the workplace environment.

Improve the health and welling being of your office with standing desks, meetings that take place while going on a walk, and offering yoga once a week
to anyone who would like to participate. These types of benefits make employees feel cared about and like their employer is looking out for them.

Even with so much time spent at work, many employees indicate that more can be done to make their workplace better. With countless benefits of thoughtful
office design, it’s time for company owners to make a change. When a company’s culture fosters inclusivity and wellbeing, the business will reap the