Month: August 2019

Can’t Concentrate at Work? This is Why

Did you know that a loss of visual privacy is the number 2 complaint from employees who work in an open office? Distractions pull employees away from their screens and disrupt the work flow. Visual noise, or the activity and movement around the edges of an employee’s field of vision, disrupts concentration, analytical thinking, and […]

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How to Make Your Open Office Private

Remember five years ago when you decided to redesign the office to have an open floor plan? The idea was exciting, and your employees were on board with the decision. Fast forward to now; privacy is at an all-time low and employee’s productivity is suffering. So how do you encourage collaboration while still offering privacy […]

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7 Tips to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Between trying not to burn the chicken and making sure the rice isn’t sticking to the bottom of the pot, cooking can be a stressful activity! While trying to manage several things at once, it’s easy to put a hand towel or food too close to the stove and not even realize what you’ve done. […]

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