Tips for Organizing Your Apartment Kitchen

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Welcome to your new home! If you’ve just moved in, you’re likely in the process of figuring out how to organize all of your belongings. One of the rooms that requires the most organization is the kitchen. With kitchen gadgets, utensils, dishes, food, and cookware it can be a challenge to make it all fit in a way that makes sense to you. However, with a few tips and tricks your kitchen will appear spacious, organized, decorated, and easily navigable.

Organizing Your Pantry

Most of our apartment kitchens include a pantry to store your dry goods. Good pantry organization allows room for the food you want and need and also allows you to grab items immediately. Designate space in your pantry for different types of items (baking supplies, canned goods, cereal), use storage bins, and commit to the system!

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If you still need room, consider investing in a decorative shelving unit. You can put items like sugar, flour, pasta, and cereal in glass jars to make them more appealing to the eye. An over-the-door spice rack will also free up room in your pantry while keeping all those little jars organized.

Freeing Up Counter Space

Counter space is precious, we know. To make room for more chopping, dicing, mixing, and stirring, try the following tips.

  • Use a magnetic knife strip to store, you guessed it, your knives. Knife blocks can be big and bulky and when space is already limited, they’re the last thing you want on your counters. Just make sure the strip is strong enough to hold your knives, so they don’t go crashing to the ground.
  • A rolling island will provide more counter space for you to prepare your meals. You can also find options with cabinets and storage space to keep your pots, pans, and baking sheets.
  • Install floating shelves to keep smaller items off of the counter. Coffee mugs, plants, utensil holders, and cookbooks can pull double duty as décor while freeing up valuable space.

Create More Storage Space

If you buy every new kitchen gadget to hit the market or need a place to store your mug collection, we have some creative solutions for you.

  • Install cabinet inserts to add more shelf space. This is a great option if you don’t want to stack your mug collection 2 or 3 mugs high. It also creates more space for your bowls, plates, and glasses.
  • Purchase a shelving unit and keep your small appliances on it. Your crockpot, air fryer, toaster, toaster oven, and blender will no longer be taking up valuable cabinet or counter space.
  • Create a coffee bar with a rolling cart! Keep your coffee pot, coffee, mugs, and other necessary ingredients on the cart and keep bulkier kitchen appliances at the bottom. The coffee bar will also be cute décor for your kitchen.

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