Four Bedding Mistakes You’re Making

Did you know that a third of your life is spent sleeping If you like to watch TV and read books in bed as well that means even more of your time is spent in bed So why wouldnt you want to invest in a comfy mattress and high quality sheets Creating a space that is comfortable and stylish is key to a good nights sleep as well If its too hot or too cold or if your mattress is not how you like it a solid 8 hours of shut eye can be hard to come by Heres how to style a bed and create a space that will guarantee the best sleep of your life <h2>Bedding Mistakes You Need to Stop Making<h2> You Focus Too Much on Thread Count There is a common misconception that the higher the thread count the better and softer the sheets are What matters more is the caliber of the fibers Thread count simply refers to the number of threads woven vertically and horizontally into a square A high thread count could be made up of low quality fibers Focus on the quality of the material instead like Egyptian cotton and pure linen These materials are high quality and only get softer over time Youre Not Buying the Right Duvet When picking out a duvet youre likely to choose the plushest one you can find within your budget Is this what your body needs though You should focus on finding the bedding that works with your sleep preferences Do you sleep hot or are you often cold at night Many companies make two different kinds of comforters a lightweight and an all season Lightweight comforters are ideal for anyone who runs hot when they sleep and an all season option has more fill power and will keep you warmer Your Sheets are Boring White sheets can give you the feel of a luxurious hotel but they can also be boring Instead try mixing and matching fun prints and colors Bedding should reflect your personal style so have fun with it and create a combination that you love Youre Sleeping on a Hard Mattress A bad mattress can really impact your sleep It can also impact your well being throughout the day A stiff neck back pain and fatigue from not sleeping well will make you feel less than great If you cant afford a new mattress at the moment try flipping or rotating your current one Sometimes this simple adjustment can make a world of a difference You can also purchase a memory foam mattress topper if you suffer from a hard mattress Your body will thank you Want more on how to create a bedroom oasis Read up on<strong> <a href=httpswwwshakerrunaptscombloghow often you should clean your pillows>how to clean your pillows<a> <strong>and the <strong><a href=httpswwwrosettipropertiescomblogare your sheets hurting you while you sleep>importance of good sheets<a><strong>