How to Make the Most of Your Apartments Entryway

The entry way of your apartment is the first spot guests see when they come over. It’s also the first spot you see when you come home! For these reasons, it’s important to designate your entryway as its own space and make it stand out from the rest of your home. Wall hooks, benches, and artwork can all work wonders to transform the space and help you organize your home. Learn how to go from a blank wall to a stunning entryway with the following tips.

Apartment Entryway Ideas

Use Wall Hooks

If you’re tight on space, or just have a lot of coats, wall hooks are the ideal solution. They take up very little space but provide the perfect spot for yourself or guests to leave their jackets and hats.

Add Seating

Any sort of seating is better than none. Find a bench with storage underneath and you’ll have a great place to keep shoes, scarves, hats and more. An accent chair will provide a nice pop of color and is an ideal spot for putting on shoes or plopping down a purse after a long day.

Define the Space with a Table

An entry table with a mirror or painting hanging above is a sure-fire way to signify “this is an entryway!”. Add a bowl or a dish on top of the table and you’ll have a great place to leave your keys. You’ll never lose them again! Bonus points if the table has drawers so you can designate a junk drawer and give the illusion that your apartment is clean.

Hang a Floating Shelf

If a table isn’t your style, try a floating shelf. They come in all different sizes, colors, and shapes so you find one that feels the most “you”. Hang a couple vertically and create a statement piece. Decorate the shelves with knickknacks, picture frames, and baskets to fill the space and display items that are important to you.

Find a Mail Sorter

One of the biggest struggles we all face is what to do with the mail. Hang a mail sorter and this way you at least have an intentional place to put it. Opening and sorting through the mail is a different story…

Include a Plant

Plants are proven to make us happier, so putting one in your entryway will brighten your mood whenever you come home. If you’re limited on space, try hanging one from the ceiling or mounting a planter to the wall. It will breathe new life into the space while adding color and texture. Just don’t forget to water it!

Find Your New Home

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