How to Be Courteous when Living with Roommates

3 roommates

Roommates. At some point or another we have all had them. Whether by choice or necessity, roommates are almost an unavoidable part of life. And while you may wish you could be living by yourself, there are ways to live peacefully with others and still be friends when all is said and done.

9 Tips for Living with Roommates

Don’t Hog the Fridge

While you each may have your own bedroom, you only get one fridge. Be mindful of how much you buy when you’re shopping and keep your food in your area of the fridge. To save space consider making the milk, ketchup, bread, and juice communal items. You all pitch in to buy the items and everyone is happy!

Do Your Dishes!
Leaving your dirty dishes in the sink to “soak” for five days isn’t cool. They’ll start to smell, grow mold, and get in the way of other people trying to use the sink. Clean as you go and no one will have any problems.

Keep the Noise Down
Once you live with your roommates for a while you’ll start to pick up on their habits. If you know they like to go to bed around 10, keep the noise down once they’re in their room for a night.

Don’t Eat Their Food
No one, and we mean no one, likes coming home to find that their favorite snack has been eaten. Unless the item of food in question is for the whole house, stay away! Ask if you really want something or wait to see if they offer to share.

Keep Communal Areas Clean
Your bedroom is yours to do with what you will, but communal areas should be kept clean. Come up with a schedule so the same person isn’t stuck cleaning the bathroom each week. Pick up in the living room each night and clean the kitchen when you’re done cooking.

Be Careful!
Try not to break your roommates’ things. If you do drop a plate or break a spatula, replace it with a similar item. Enough said.

Don’t Be Passive Aggressive
Talking to your roommates directly can go a long way in solving any issues or disagreements. Avoid leaving passive aggressive sticky notes on the fridge or being loud and annoying to try and prove that you run the place. Those types of antics should be left in freshman year of college.

Discuss Who is Buying Household Items

Garbage bags, tin foil, cleaning products, toilet paper, and paper towels are all household items. Figure out who is responsible for what as soon as possible so you can avoid any disagreements.

Finding the Right Apartment

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