Can’t Concentrate at Work? This is Why

can't concentrate at work

Did you know that a loss of visual privacy is the number 2 complaint from employees who work in an open office? Distractions pull employees away from their
screens and disrupt the work flow. Visual noise, or the activity and movement around the edges of an employee’s field of vision, disrupts concentration,
analytical thinking, and creativity. All in all, visual distractions are not good!

So, on top of disruptive noise (which is the number 1 complaint about an open office) how do you combat visual noise? Keep reading to find out!

Evaluate the Layout

In an open office, people are often
sitting very close together. Desks are either pushed together so they’re touching, or everyone is sitting at a long table. Constant moving from neighbors
is enough to pull a person’s focus away from their current task to see what’s going on.

Redesigning the floor plan to have desks separated by walls, corners, and even plants will benefit everyone. If this isn’t an option, just pulling the
desks apart or ditching the family style seating will help to limit the distractions.

No One Likes Being Watched

Being visible to managers and bosses has the tendency to make employees feel pressured to conform to their expectations. Constantly trying to look busy
can take away from time spent reflecting and brainstorming new ideas – two tasks that are just as important as actively typing on a keyboard.

In fact, it has been proven that workers are 10% to 15% more productive when working behind a wall or curtain where their supervisor can’t see them. Employees
feel more comfortable experimenting and developing new ways to solve problems. A watchful eye from upper management may be doing more harm than good.

Eliminating Visual Noise

In addition to rearranging desks and buying some new plants, there are several ways you can decrease distractions to help your employees.

  • Install oversized, curved monitors to avoid distractions
  • Build quiet rooms or designate quiet spaces for employees to focus
  • Install frosted glass panels between desk to act as a buffer
  • Paint the walls of high traffic areas a darker color that is less distracting to the eye
  • Install 3-sided privacy screens to help workers focus

Build Your Business How You Want It

Somewhere between cubicles and private offices and one giant room, a happy medium exists. It’s a place where employees can collaborate when necessary but
can also work privately on their own tasks without distraction. The experts at Rosetti Properties can help you get there!

Rosetti Properties owns and manages over approximately 500,000 square feet of commercial and retail space in Albany County. Our commercial buildings are “A” rated and offices can be altered to meet the needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our properties.