The Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

best cats for apartment

At Rosetti we love your cat as much as you do! They’re a friendly face to come home to after a long day and can easily adapt to our busy lifestyles. Still, some cat breeds are better suited for apartment life than others. Let’s take a look to see what some of the best cat breeds for apartment living are.

What Makes a Good Cat Breed for Apartments

When you’re looking for your new furry roommate, there are several traits to consider and look for.

  • Adaptable, easygoing disposition
  • Soft-spoken
  • Doesn’t need be to highly active to be happy
  • Not overly territorial
  • Sociable
  • Is okay with being alone for up to eight hours at a time

You should also consider your own lifestyle when thinking about which cat breed is the best. If you have people over often make sure the cat you choose is okay, and even enjoys, new people. If you often go away on the weekend choose a cat that can go more than 8 hours being alone. While some cats are okay being left with enough food and water for the weekend, other’s need human interaction as well.

Best Cats for Apartments by Breeds

The following breeds are known to thrive in an apartment setting. While personalities and temperaments will vary, in general these breeds are good options.

  • British Shorthair – Known to adapt well to apartment life. Quiet and friendly and ideal for those looking for a cuddly pet.
  • Persian – Persians are a good fit for those who live in apartments but who are home often. They also provide grooming on a daily basis to prevent mats in their fur. Their placid demeanor and affectionate personality make it worth it though.
  • Russian Blue – The Russian Blue breed is affectionate but independent, making it well suited for working singles. They can be shy but are loyal to their owner and love to play!
  • Ragdoll – Ragdolls are laid-back and have a gentle temperament. They make a good lap cat and aren’t particularly demanding. They should be kept indoors only, which makes them ideal for apartments.

Adopting a Cat

If you choose to adopt from a shelter (a decision we fully support), try to pick a cat who is over the age of 3. By this time their personality will be fully formed and the shelter staff can help you find a cat that suits your lifestyle. Adopting an elderly cat is also a good option as they tend to be particularly calm. They would love a warm and welcoming home to live out their lives!

If you are away a lot, consider adopting two cats. They can keep each other company while you’re gone, and you’ll receive twice the amount of love and affection once you return.

Find the Cat that is Right for You

In the end, it’s not the breed as much as the personality that is the most important factor. Whether you’re working with a breeder or shelter staff, be honest about your lifestyle so they can help you find a cat that is right for you.

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