What You Need to Know for a Cross Country Move

cross country move

Moving is always a little complicated and stressful, but a cross-country move is on an entirely different level. It requires strategy, careful planning, and a willingness to go with the flow, as everything will probably not go exactly as you planned.

With the following tips, you can have the adventure and move of a lifetime!

Plan a Cross-Country Move in a Car

Plan Your Route

Take some time to figure out how long the journey will be. You should consider if your car can handle the long drive, how many stops you’ll need to make, and where you’ll need to book hotels. Plan your stops and book the hotels in advance so you’re not driving around looking for a place to sleep. If you’re making the move alone, make sure you plan to stop often so you don’t fall asleep or get in an accident.

Know Your Way

You likely have a GPS on your phone, but you should have a plan B if your phone dies, breaks, or you lose service. Buy a map (you can still do that) or print directions before you set out on the first leg of your trip. It’s also a good idea to enroll in a roadside service company if you’re not already. Extra cash never hurts either!

What’s Coming with You?

Depending on your situation, you may have a lot to move. If this is the case, decide what’s coming with you and what you want to sell, donate, or trash. If you need to rent a moving truck or even a moving service, the cost of a cross-country move can quickly add up. Slim down your belongings by getting rid of things you haven’t used in the last 3 months or plan to use in the next 3. The less there is to move, the less the cost of a cross-country move will be.

Packing Up

Part of planning a cross-country move is figuring out to fit the most amount of stuff in the least amount of space. Instead of using suitcases for your clothes and shoes, use vacuum seal bags. They take up much less space and can be used in your new home to store sheets, blankets, and seasonal clothing.

Use any blankets or towels you’re bringing along as packing material to protect breakable items. Repurpose hampers, suitcases, and laundry bins for storing shoes and household items during the move. Lastly, keep a bag of essentials (snacks, extra clothing, chargers, etc.) in the front seat so you have easy access to the things you’ll need.

If you follow these tips to plan a cross-country move, you should have a successful and safe journey! Still need a place to move to? Explore our properties with one, two, and three-bedroom apartments and find your new home today!