Work-Place Parking Lot Etiquette

workplace parking lot


Parking lot etiquette (no, we did not make it up) is a crucial but often forgotten about element to employee happiness. Where and how employees park can
improve morale, make you an employer of choice, or lead to hard feeling among co-workers. A clear parking policy that includes etiquette will ensure
your employees have a good start to the beginning and end of their day.

Creating Parking Lot Etiquette

Assign Spots

Don’t just give the best spots to the top executives and let the remaining employees fight for what’s left. This can be insensitive, create a visible caste
system, and create morale issues. Identify desirable spots in a garage, those that are in the front row, or closest to the door and assign them to
key personnel as perks. In addition, use one for an employee-of-the-month reward and another for any employee who may be pregnant.

ADA Requirements

The American with Disabilities Act sets regulations for handicapped parking spaces. You must follow the regulations or face stiff fines. Consult with a
qualified attorney to set up your parking spaces correctly.

Diagonal Parking

Some people like to ignore the lines of a parking lot and park on a diagonal to avoid scratches and dent. Discourage employees from doing this as it limits
the number of spots in a lot and creates bad blood between team members.

Customer Parking

If you’re a retail business or regularly have clients coming to the office, make to block
off the best spots for them. Your customers will thank you and your employees won’t be able to argue with putting the customer or client first.

Eliminate Trash

Discourage employees from throwing trash from their cars in the parking lot. This makes your workplace look unkempt and requires someone else to pick up
the garbage. Encourage people to throw their trash away by placing a garbage can or two in the lot.

Storing Cars

Cars should not be kept in a company parking lot for more than a few days. If an employee will be traveling out of town, encourage them to take an Uber
into work or get a ride from someone else. While impractical, a vehicle that’s left in one of the best parking spots can irritate others who would
like to park there.

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