What Zoning Laws Mean for Your Business

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Zoning laws, or zoning ordinances, determine how land in any given area is to be used in addition to building regulations which determine the maximum building
size as well as the need for fire escapes. Whether you’ve just started a business or you’re determining where to set up shop, it’s important to understand
what these laws mean, especially if you’re thinking about running a business from your home.

Zoning Laws

There are numerous zoning laws that business owners need to adhere to, some of which include:
•Setback requirements
•Parking requirements
•Commercial vs residential vs manufacturing
•Types of buildings that can occupy an area
In addition to understanding zoning laws for your business, you will also need to know what zone your building is in and if the business is allowed in
the particular area.

Reasons to Get Out of the House

While it may feel efficient for you, the business owner, to conduct your business from your home it could cause conflicts that haven’t crossed your mind.
Take into consideration the following:
•If you have a staff working from your home, is there enough parking? Take into consideration the amount of employees and if there will potentially be
room for customers and clients as well.
•Are you prone to visitors? Most of us have a neighbor or family member who enjoys dropping in simply because they were “in the neighborhood”. This is
not beneficial for a business owner who is trying to project a professional image for a client.
•How much space can you allocate to the business without losing personal space? It’s important to remember how much space desk and equipment require, especially
if there is more than one person working from your home.

Contact Rosetti Properties

To avoid the inevitable hassle and headaches that are associated with running a business from your home, it is best to work with experts who have a vast
understanding of the area’s zoning laws and ordinances. Rosetti Properties has commercial properties as well as retail spaces throughout Albany County and the Capital Region. Our professionals pride themselves in their knowledge of ordinances and the ability to build a space
that is suitable to the needs of your business. When you set up shop in one of our professional spaces, you feel rest assured that all New York State
zoning requirements are met. Another benefit to establishing your business in a professional space, you aren’t as likely to work during your “down”
time since your home will be completely separated from your business. To schedule a tour and learn everything Rosetti Properties has to offer your
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