Top 10 Questions To Ask When Touring an Apartment

Questions to ask when touring an apartment

Important Questions to Consider when Deciding on Your New Home

Touring an apartment is exciting. If you have an initial attraction to a potential new home, it’s easy to get swept away by the buying process. However, it’s important to slow down, take a closer look, and ask a few key questions before you commit to signing a lease

Gauging the Value of a Rental Apartment 

It’s not always easy to determine if a certain apartment is a good fit for your needs. The unit’s value involves much more than square footage or how “nice” it seems. Dig deeper—consider what your ongoing monthly expenses and quality of life might look like in your new home. 

On your next apartment tour, ask these 10 questions to help inform your decision. 

Is the Apartment Renovated Between Tenant Stays?

No one wants to move into a new apartment that was damaged or left messy by a previous tenant. Ask the property manager how apartments are renovated before they’re leased to new tenants. Learn which improvements occur, such as painting, replacing old appliances, and refinishing floors.

What Heating and Cooling Systems Are Used?

The type of heating and cooling used in an apartment may have a notable effect on your monthly utility costs and your daily comfort level while you’re in the home. 

Newer apartments often include central air and heat, while many older buildings rely on window AC units and baseboard heating. Older appliances often provide less effective heating and cooling and are more costly to run. 

What is the Average Monthly Electric Bill for Most Tenants?

Electric bills are volatile. Factors like inefficient appliances and poor insulation result in higher-than-expected costs. Obtaining an estimate for electric bills and other utility expenses provides you with a clearer picture of your projected monthly expenses as a tenant. 

What Is the Laundry Situation?

Laundry amenities in an apartment consist of one of the following:

  • In-unit washer and dryer
  • Shared laundry room

Or, no laundry amenity may be offered, and you’ll need to use a laundromat. 

Ask how tenants do their laundry. Since washing clothes is such a frequent task, you’ll spend a lot of time and money if the laundry situation isn’t convenient. To be prepared, estimate your laundry expenses based on the amenities that the complex provides. 

How Close Is the Apartment to Highways and Public Transit?

Figure out how easy it is to access the trains, buses, and highways that you would want to make use of. In urban settings, proximity to public transit stops is often a benefit that’s fairly reflected in monthly rent. If you’re a driver, ask about traffic conditions, parking, and local shortcuts.

Does the Complex Have a Dedicated Maintenance Crew?

Some apartment complexes have dedicated in-house maintenance crews. Others use contracted service providers. With an in-house crew, your maintenance needs are more likely to be addressed quickly and consistently. 

How Is Snow Removal Handled?

To what extent does the apartment complex staff handle snow removal? Will you need to shovel your own walkway or dig out your car? 

Does the Apartment Include Ceiling Lights?

Not all apartment units include built-in ceiling lights throughout the entire unit. Ask about the provided lighting to determine if you would need to add lamp purchases to your move-in budget. 

How Many Closets Does the Unit Have?

Closet space is the number-one storage option in apartments. If you have heavy storage needs, make sure that your future home comes with adequate closet space. 

What Are Some Fun Things to Do in the Area?

You won’t be spending all of your time at home or at work. So, what does the area offer in terms of entertainment, restaurants, and outdoor activities? 

Urban planning, economic conditions, and the local culture can all contribute to making an area fun, lively, and hip. Find a place that suits your lifestyle and is close to activities or destinations that you would enjoy frequenting. 

Tour an Apartment in the New York Capital Region

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