The Ideal Tenant: A Landlord’s Wish List

Ideal Tenant

A Property Manager has the difficult task of finding great tenants to rent available apartments. It can often be a long and tedious task of finding the right tenant for the right property. While many people believe they look the part, or at least play the part, having wonderful tenants can make for great community living, while having not-so-great tenants can be quite the headache. Here are some attributes of an ‘ideal tenant’ starting with the first impression:

  • Acting/Dressing Professionally – If you show up to the rental office after rolling out of bed or are being disrespectful to your tour guide, you’ve already set a bad tone as a potential tenant. It’s important to show up on time and understand that all time is valuable as the potential tenant and property manager. Prepare your apartment tour checklist ahead of time and we will gladly answer all your questions along the tour!
  • References – A lot of people forget this one. It’s not much different than a job interview. Having references that can speak to your character is a great way to show you’re going to be a good tenant. It’s always a good idea to make sure you check with your references to make sure they will give you a good reference.
  • Respect – When living in close proximity with many other people, respect is key in being a great tenant. Respect for other people’s property, their space, and respecting noise levels are just a few important attributes in an ideal tenant.
  • Cleanliness – If you’re a cleanly person yourself, you’re likely to also respect the cleanliness of the property. We hope that each tenant treats the property like their own and is proud to call it home.
  • Creditworthiness – This is simply a reality when it comes to renting. If you deal with your financial matters reputably, renting to you will be much easier. Makings your rent payments are one of the most important jobs you have as a tenant. Many properties offer automatic or online payments.

We are proud of the communities and the wonderful people at each of our Rosetti Apartments. Give us a call to set up a tour.