The Benefits of Having an On-Site Apartment Maintenance Team

One advantage you may not think of when choosing to move into a Rosetti Property is having a full-time maintenance crew taking care of your property, and having access to 24/7 emergency maintenance services. You may not think of it as necessarily an advantage until you’re the one who needs it. We have all run into the occasional clogged toilet, leaky sink, or lawn that needs mowing. The most frustrating part of fixing the problem is finding someone you trust who can do the work efficiently and not cost an arm and a leg. There are many benefits to having this resource at your fingertips. They include:

  • Repairs are Done in a Timely Manner – Our maintenance staff is available to make sure your maintenance needs are met within a timely manner. We know how busy life can be. At Hawthorne Gardens, our responsive maintenance team is just a phone call away!
  • Financial Savings – Having the resource of a 24/7 maintenance team is a plus when it comes to financials. In general, most maintenance issues are the responsibility of the apartment complex, resulting in a cost savings for the resident.
  • Exterior Maintenance – The freedom of coming and going as you please without the worry of the exterior upkeep of your apartment is another perk to maintenance-free living. With the harsh winter weather in the Northeast, the benefit of having the snow and ice removed for you is especially priceless.
  • We Care – We take pride in our community and where you call home. Many of the staff at Rosetti Properties have been working here for years and their commitment is shown in the work that they do.

There are other amenities that we offer at many of our Rosetti Residential Properties, including private entrances, clubhouses with fireplaces and pool tables, on-site fitness centers, pools, tennis courts, and much more. Schedule your tour at one of our seven residential properties in the Capital District to learn about all the benefits of living in our communities.