3 Storage Hacks to Save Space in Your Apartment

storage baskets

Apartment living is convenient for a variety of reasons, and you can get the most out of your space by optimizing your storage solutions. Here are 3 of our favorite storage hacks to help you save space in your Rosetti apartment.

  1. Opt for hidden storage.

So many furniture options have hidden storage inside, from benches to headboards to ottomans and more. Furniture with hidden storage is an ideal way to save space because it provides function and convenience all in one!

You can even maximize the area under your bed by adding risers under your bed frame, lifting it off the ground and giving yourself more room to store things underneath. If you have a bed skirt, no one will ever notice that you’re using that area for storage.

  1. Use door organizers whenever possible.

The inside of your closet doors are a great place to add additional storage in the form of door organizers. You can store anything from shoes to beauty products with an over-the-door storage rack. You could do this with cabinet doors as well – it’s a creative way to store cleaning products, spices, or toiletries, depending on the cabinet!

  1. Multitask.

Look for furniture that can serve more than one purpose so you can do more with less. For example, an ottoman can become a coffee table if you place a tray on top of it, and a coffee table can be used for dining if you use some fun floor pillows for seating.

Bookshelves can be used as plant stands if you don’t have enough books to fill all the shelves, and a storage chest can be used as a bench if you top it with a cushion. By reducing the amount of furniture you need in your apartment, you’ll be freeing up floor space!

Implementing new storage solutions is a great way to refresh your space and take your apartment to the next level. At Rosetti Properties, we’re proud to provide apartment communities to the Capital Region area at a variety of sizes and price points. To find your new home, contact us today!