5 Secrets to a Flawless Move

how to move offices

Since the need for additional usable workspace to accommodate social distancing between employees and creating safe workstations continues to rise, many businesses are looking to move locations in the new year. The idea of uprooting an entire company and re-piecing it all back together is a very daunting thought but at Rosetti we have seen it all. We are here to tell you there is a way to improve the process to your new office. Let Rosetti help along the way.

Check out these secrets to a flawless move:

  1. Don’t move out of necessity – When you decide to move your entire office to a new location, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Take your time in securing your new space and make sure it accommodates all your needs. Choose a location that aligns with your reasons to move in the first place.


  1. Choose a location that works for your team – The best way to figure out what your team needs is to ask! Something you may not think of as important maybe especially important to someone else. Things like parking, access to public transportation are all things to consider when looking for a new location.


  1. Communicate clearly and frequently – When moving your office there are a lot of things to coordinate from property managers and movers to employees and IT professionals. Having everyone understand the time frame and expectations ensures all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Understanding what you are waiting for or when you should complete your part of the moving checklist helps you stay on track and on time.


  1. Call your IT company immediately – The easiest way to delay a move or interrupt workflow is a minimally planned and unexecuted IT transfer. Planning out your workstation locations and offices will help your service providers map and wire where all the necessary ports and plugs need to be placed. It’s not just about the hardware, it’s also about the vendor relationships. Make sure you are coordinating with your current internet, phone and other IT services.


  1. Plan with Rosetti Properties – With Rosetti you have the ability to fully customize your space to fit your needs. Rosetti Properties is dedicated to making the office a place that fits every requirement, whether by the CDC or for the specific needs of you, the customer. By providing custom office space, Rosetti is set apart from all other property and real estate management. We can’t wait to show you around.

Proper planning, knowing who to involve and when will be key factors in executing a flawless office space move. Don’t let the overwhelming idea of the move cripple you from actually making the move. Rosetti Properties can help your make the transition as easy as possible. Check out our available locations and contact your property manager to schedule a tour.