Modular Office Design: How to Design a Flexible Workspace

Open office design

Many business owners find themselves needing to move offices every few years as their company experiences change. At Rosetti Properties, we want to help you find an office space that your business can call home for a long time. A modular office design can allow your office to flex and change as your business grows and team sizes change. Here are a few things to know about incorporating flexible, modular elements into your office design.

Movable Walls

When you think about modular walls, the first thing that comes to mind might be cubicles. While you can certainly use modular walls to section off individual workspaces, they can be used for so much more than that.

Modular walls allow you to split meeting rooms up into smaller breakout rooms or change up the size of department spaces depending on the size of your teams. You can also create storage areas when needed or completely open up the office space. Walls that expand and contract can let you divide up the office however you need.

Acoustic Solutions

Incorporating changeable elements to your workspace can lead to changing volume levels depending on how you arrange the space. In order to make a modular office work, you’ll need to be sure to also involve acoustic solutions that can help reduce the noise.

Acoustic elements can block out sounds and help employees focus in an open office environment. There are a variety of acoustic solutions at your disposal, from chairs to lighting to partial partitions. This is an essential component of making a modular office design work.

Rosetti Properties loves collaborating with tenants to create an office space that suits their business. We’ll help you incorporate modular elements into your office so your business can change with you over time. If you’re interested in a modular design for your new office, contact us today.