How Retail Store Design Affects Your Sales

Storefront with an Open sign in the window

Did you know that the layout of your retail space can impact your sales? Little things from the placement of the cash register to bigger things like the way the walls are designed can affect the psychology of your customers. If done well, your retail store design can give your business a boost. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Create a Threshold

The threshold is the first place a customer sees when they enter your store. They say that first impressions are important, and the threshold will be the first impression a customer has of your retail space. It’s important to make sure that everything in your retail store design is neat and displayed well in the threshold, as that can shape the customer experience from the moment they enter the store.

2. Direct the Flow

The way you position things like displays, changing rooms, and register stations can impact the way that customers move throughout your store. Retail store design studies have shown that consumers tend to turn to the right first when entering a store, so utilizing walls effectively can give you an opportunity to showcase your products right away.

You can then use furniture or display racks to direct the way they move throughout the rest of your store. You’ll want the customer to naturally follow a path that leads them past all of your merchandise, so a counterclockwise path starting from the right can direct them throughout your retail store design and then back to the front.

3. Control the Pace

You don’t want your customers to speed through your store and miss out on what you have to offer. Use displays and signage to break up their path, forcing customers to pause or slow down as they take in your products.

Your registers should be placed at a natural stopping point for your customers, according to retail store design theory. This is where their pace will stop completely, so you’ll want to place it near the end of the path you’ve created for them to follow. By the time they arrive, they should have several items in tow that they’re ready to buy!

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