Designing Your Office for Employee Wellness

Person meditating in front of a sofa

Providing for your employees’ wellness is a great way to show compassion as a business owner and encourage employee retention. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to stay at the company longer if you provide an environment that caters to their needs. While re-evaluating your office space post-COVID, here a few ways that you might want to consider redesigning your office space with employee wellness in mind.

Meditation Rooms

Mental health is a key contributor to overall employee wellness. You can help your employees de-stress and manage their mental health by providing private meditation rooms on-site. These rooms don’t have to be very large, but as long as you’re offering a relaxing space for employees to clear their minds, many can discover the health benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Specialized Desks

Your employees spend close to 8 hours at their desks every workday, and the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle are well-documented. You can combat these risks and encourage healthy living in your employees by incorporating specialized desks into your office space.

Exercise desks and standing desks are both great ways to get your employees moving throughout the workday. While you can’t force anyone to take advantage of these employee wellness benefits, if you offer them, you might be surprised at how many employees will take you up on the offer!

Relaxing Break Areas

Too many workplaces have a single, tiny kitchen for all of their employees to share. It’s stressful to try and take breaks when there’s limited table space, and it’s tough to bring healthy lunches to work if there’s not much space to store or prepare them. Many employees would rather eat at their desks and continue working than take an adequate break, which can lead to burnout down the line.

Providing a spacious, robust break area for your employees can encourage them to take their breaks throughout the day and return to work feeling rejuvenated. A large kitchen with modern appliances and plenty of fridge space can make it easier for employees to make nutritious choices, while ample seating encourages socialization and gives employees space to unwind.

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