How to Create a Productive Home Office

man with feet on coffee table on computer

Whether you freelance from home or telecommute occasionally, you have probably struggled at with the large number of distractions and temptations a home office offers. You can create a productive home office with these helpful tips from Rosetti Properties!

How to Create a Productive Home Office


  1. Create a designated home office space.


When choosing a place to set up your home office try to avoid high traffic areas and find a quiet room or corner of the apartment. You can partition off your designated work area with a colorful area rug or motivational decor. Green is great for productivity so add some plants and bonus if you can face a window. Create some visual variety for when your eyes need a break from the screen. Establishing boundaries between work and personal life helps you be productive in both. When you are not worrying about the latest report or task you can enjoy time with friends and family and vice versa.



  1. Declutter your desk.


Things have a habit of collecting on surfaces in your home and offices are no different. Make it a routine to purge your home office of papers, books, coffee cups, and knickknacks. Having a clean decluttered workspace helps increase productivity, not to mention your concentration.



  1. Get organized.


Clutter can make a small space feel even smaller, and even a bit chaotic. More than just cleaning off your desk, keeping extra office supplies and files tidy are just as important. Look for sleek cabinets or desks with built in storage. You can also hang a pegboard or wall organizer to organize miscellaneous items. Just make sure it remains neat and orderly.



  1. Invest in a good office chair.


It’s hard to be productive and focused when you are constantly straining to see your computer screen or rubbing your aching back. Invest in a good office chair and make sure you are sitting in an ergonomically correct position at your desk. If you get uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time, try a standing desk.



  1. Invest in good lighting.


A well-lit workspace can brighten the room and have a positive impact on your mood and productivity. Try a desk lamp or floor lamp to shed some additional light on your workspace.



  1. Take a break.


Taking breaks from work are just as important out of the office as when you are working in the office. For a more productive way to recharge your batteries, try taking a walk around your block or playing a short mind game so you can refocus when you get back to work.



  1. Dress up for work.


When you work from home it is easy to roll out of bed and head straight to work. Force yourself to get up and get ready for work as if you were headed into the office. Getting dressed helps you be more productive because it signals to you that you’re in work mode.


Working from home also requires a lot of self-motivation and dedication. It is easy to get distracted by all the things you need to do around your apartment. By following these easy tips for creating a productive home office, you will be sure to stay productive and make the best out of working from home. For more tips and to find your new apartment with designated office space, contact Rosetti Properties today. We can’t wait to show you around.