How Has Coronavirus Affected the Retail Environment?

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During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen many retailers pivot heavily to online shopping. However, brick-and-mortar stores still offer distinct advantages for their potential customers.


People generally like to see products in person before they buy them, and in-store shopping delivers a personalized sales experience that can’t be replicated online. By making a few adjustments, brick-and-mortar retailers can not only survive the pandemic, but thrive in the new retail landscape.


Here are a few of the things that are changing about the way retail stores do business post-pandemic.

1. Store Layout and Design

Once “social distancing” became a household term, many retailers were forced to re-evaluate their store space. More shops than ever are looking for larger spaces with room for customers to spread out. While the pandemic will eventually end, this is a trend that’s likely to stick around.


At Rosetti Properties, we’re happy to customize our available retail spaces to suit our tenants’ needs. We can add or remove walls, combine units, or otherwise work with you to make sure your store environment sets you up for success.

2. Instant Gratification

The biggest draws of online shopping are speed and convenience. If you’re losing out to virtual competitors, look into ways you can streamline your customers’ shopping experience to capitalize on these factors.


For example, many retailers are now offering local delivery that customers can schedule through their websites. If you don’t have the resources for that, offering a buy-online, pick up in-store option (potentially with curbside delivery) is another way to appeal to this crowd.


Until the vaccine is available to everyone, retailers are likely to encounter customers who can’t or won’t shop in-store for health reasons. Giving these customers another option that mimics the online shopping experience can keep them happy in the meantime.

3. Emphasis on Experience

Shopping online is easy and convenient, so the best way to encourage customers to stop by your store is to offer an experience that they won’t find anywhere else.


The first step is to show you’re taking safety and sanitation seriously by implementing store policies that comply with state and local guidelines. Customers with health concerns will appreciate your attention to detail in this area.


Next, customize your store’s atmosphere to make sure it’s a place people love to visit. Spruce up the walls with a fresh coat of paint or consider adding glass walls to create distance without closing off the space. We’ll work with our tenants to construct the perfect space to showcase their products.


Finally, focus on your customer service. Sales associates allow you to personalize a customer’s experience in a way that can’t be matched by an online store. If your staff is helpful and friendly, your customers will see the value of stopping in.



While the coronavirus pandemic caused sweeping changes to the retail landscape, stores can use this to their advantage with a little adaptability. By focusing on creating the ideal in-store experience, you can make your shop a destination that keeps customers coming back. If you’re looking to upgrade to a customizable retail space, contact Rosetti Properties today.