5 Ways Your Office May Change

woman standing in office

For some workers, it has been over a year since they had to work in the office setting. It’s sometimes hard to remember that days of a daily commute, water cooler chats and afterwork drinks. Although the timeline of when offices can re-open at full capacity is still unclear, offices will inevitably re-open and we have some insight with five ways your office may have changed.



5 Ways Your Office May Change


  1. Changes to office layouts.


The first priority when re-opening office buildings will be to create a sense of physical and psychological safety in the workplace. Companies will more than likely be modifying office layouts to maintain social distancing and taking extra measures for cleanliness and sanitation.



  1. Investment in office technology.


Many employees will see companies making an investment in new technologies around the office. These are in place to enable seamless contactless operations and exposure tracking. Some of this technology may include automatic doors or tracking software to identify employees that may have been in contact with a particular employee.



  1. Investment in workplace tools.


To make sure that office space is used efficiently, employers can provide digital tools that enable staff to visualize the availability of space in conference rooms or working desks. These technologies will help coordinate workflow and allow employees to book their work space before they even step foot in the office. You will also see an investment in other technologies like collaboration and communication technologies. Employees will begin to see technology that bridges the gap between on-site and digital workers.



  1. Added benefits around employee well-being and mental health.


This past year has arguably done more to accentuate the critical need for wellbeing support at work than any other year. Burnout may lead to absence, diminished motivation, and employees seeking new employment. To avoid losing their star talent, and facing the high costs of recruitment, companies are investing in their employees well-being more than ever before.



  1. Additional in office benefits.


Workers expressed hope their offices would support a good mix of socialization spaces, such as coffee areas, lounges, or outdoor spaces, as well as spaces dedicated to focus work, like dedicated office space or work pods. Spaces will serve functions where people gather for leadership, personal development and culture, and as places for socialization.


Despite all the ways this pandemic has normalized working from home, 3 in 4 workers hope to return to an office at some point in the future, according to JLL’s recent workplace study. It is clear socializing is important to people’s productivity, as well as career outlook and development opportunities. With Rosetti Properties we can create spaces that are flexible to suit a variety of needs. Check out our available locations and contact our property manager to schedule a tour.