5 Easy Ways to Stay Productive This Season

to do list
When fall arrives, not only do the leaves begin to fall, but many of us are compelled to turn a new leaf and make some changes in our lives. It’s important to make changes that are feasible and ones that you can maintain throughout the year, unlike that pesky New Year’s resolution. When we intentionally make changes about how we’re spending our time and expending our energy can make a major difference in our day-to-day mood. That being said, wouldn’t you want to make a positive change to stay more productive?

The 5 Best Ways to Stay Productive

1. Refine Your To-Do List: For many of us, a to-do list that is too long can feel overwhelming and daunting. Refine your to-do list to your liking; perhaps it’s completing 6 tasks on Tuesday and 4 on Saturday so you can enjoy time with friends and family. Even writing out the list so you can physically check items off as you go can be a big mood booster!

2. Find a Creative Outlet: It’s easy for us to get into a routine where we feel comfortable, we don’t deviate from that routine where we only do the things required of that day. Creativity helps us to live a better life where we are more present in each moment. When we’re actually living in the moment, we can see things from a different perspective. Make an effort to prioritize some time where you’re being creative; whether it’s cooking something new, a DIY Project, or creating your own yoga space, try experimenting with different outlets.

3. Let Go: For many of us, a disorganized home can fuel our stress. It can consume your focus. You may grow tired or frustrated looking for something you swore you had, and then when your frustration reaches a boiling point you end up heading to the store to purchase another version of the very item you were searching for in your home. Rather than waiting for spring to roll around to get yourself into gear and your home better organized, begin today!

4. Don’t Procrastinate: The enemy of productivity is procrastination and for many it is caused by a task or activity that we really dread. To help alleviate this issue, organize your daily task list in an order that not only works for you but also gets the dreaded task(s) out of the way first. Leaving them for the end will likely create excuses as to why they simply can’t be completed. You’re only hurting yourself in the end because the dreaded task won’t complete itself.

5. Take Care of Your Work Space: This is especially important if you have an at-home office space dedicated to your daily work life or it’s used for your side hustle. Whether the papers on your desk need to be organized, recycled, or filed away you should keep your space free of clutter so your mind can stay focused on your work. Eliminate the stacks of papers and incorporate plant life on your desk instead.

It’s important to take care of ourselves on a consistent basis in addition to the spaces we inhabit. By doing so it creates a positive chain of reaction and helps us to stay productive throughout the month and hopefully throughout the year.

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