4 Ways to Encourage Office Collaboration

Team meeting


If your team has been feeling overwhelmed with work, or they have encountered a mental road block that’s keeping them from completing a task or coming
up with fresh ideas, then it’s time to incorporate items into your office space that encourage collaboration.

Encourage Office Collaboration in 4 Ways

1. Creative Space: Whether your business is an office or retail space, having a creative space for your employees to gather is essential.
The space should encourage open discussion and allow for ideas to begin flowing. This space also allows for conversations to be held away from others
who aren’t involved in the specific scenario and won’t disrupt their work.
2. Open Floor Plan: Many offices have noticed a higher level of collaboration when they switched to an open floor plan. They encourage active communication, brainstorming, as well as addressing questions quickly and easily.
3. Snacks: We’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but snacking throughout the day keeps our energy
up and spirits high. Whether it’s a snack cart in a central location, homemade goodies in the kitchen, or candy in meeting spaces, the occasional snack
will help keep the momentum going and encourage more conversations and collaborating.
4. Music: Light background music has been known to keep the creative juices flowing as well as inspiring creativity and team building.
While it is not meant to be intrusive, there is a happy medium that any office can find suitable for their needs!
Perhaps you have tried incorporating these ideas, among others, into your workspace and you’ve found that your team is still stuck. If this is the case,
it could be your office or retail space causing the issue. Don’t let your space hinder the growth of your business! Contact us today to schedule a tour of our commercial and retail spaces!