4 Expert Design tips for Your Office

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A functioning office and workspace is of the utmost importance when it comes to your business. Whether you have a big budget, or you want to stick to a
more modest route, it can be easy to make your office look like you hired a professional designer.

1. Lighting: The majority of a person’s day has the potential to be spent inside an office working. Lack of good lighting can create a
negative impact for your workers, especially if there isn’t enough natural lighting coming into their work space. Eye fatigue and tension headaches
are some of the issues caused by inadequate lighting which ultimately, can take a toll on their work.

2. Create Spaces: Everything throughout a worker’s day doesn’t have to happen at their workspace. Whether it’s eating lunch, a casual
conversation, or a creative session, creating spaces allows for workers to dismantle communication barriers while encouraging a change of scenery and
spontaneity in the office.

3. Organization: When it comes to your office, it’s important to make sure everything works cohesively, and to be mindful of areas your
clients or customers will see. Having a space that is organized, as well as tidy, will help make your day-to-day business operations running more smoothly.

4. Invest in Your Furniture: Going back to the budget, it might be tempting to cut corners. One place you should invest some money into
is your furniture. Cheaper furniture may sound more appealing due to the up-front costs associated, but, in the long run you will have to replace these
pieces sooner than if you had invested in quality items. Additionally, first impressions are a big deal. If a client or customer visits your business
and they see your furniture is in shambles, they might be apt to take their business elsewhere.

The design of your office space is the foundation to your business’ culture. While the design of your office doesn’t make the business, it can certainly
make the business more attractive. Maybe it’s where your office is located that is the real issue and there’s not enough design tips that can help.
If that’s the situation, then start looking for a new space! With properties throughout the Capital Region,
we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. Contact Rosetti Properties today to schedule a tour!