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Community News and Insights

What to Consider Prior to Signing Your Office Lease

Sacha R - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Prior to signing your lease, there are many factors to take into consideration. You may have some factors in mind, but, there are likely some that you are forgetting. We’ve gathered a list of items for you to check off while searching for a new space. If the space doesn’t fit the criteria, don’t settle! Rosetti Properties wants you to be confident in the space you lease, you should be confident with your decision as well.

What Message Is Being Delivered: As odd as it may sound, each building portrays a message or signal. You want your clients and customers to be comfortable while in your office, but, you don’t want the building to give them the wrong idea. While it isn’t necessarily true, many clients and customers see an upscale office or building and assume that is where their money is spent. While on the other hand, a building or space with faded paint or a door with a broken hinge gives the appearance of a struggling business, when in actuality that isn’t the case. If a property manager shows you place that falls into the latter category, you should reconsider renting their space.

Does It Offer Ample Space For Growth: You want your business to grow and flourish, as does Rosetti Properties! Prior to signing your office lease, take into consideration the size of the space and the length of time of the lease. A space with a size that is “just right” for your business in its current state may be too small in only a few short years. Prior to signing your lease, think of your business’ growth plan and whether this space will still suit your needs during that growth.

Location Location Location: You’ve heard it before, but it’s true, location is key! While searching for your office space there are factors to keep in mind regarding location. The first factor to keep in mind is how easily clients, customers, and employees can access your building. If they have to maneuver through what feels like an obstacle course to get to the building, they may opt to find someone with similar services but is easier to get to. Another factor to keep in mind is safety. This doesn’t necessarily pertain to the building itself. When you, your staff or client leave the building do they feel safe? Keep in mind, it is possible that your staff may leave during the evening hours; will they feel secure walking through the parking lot?

We hope you found these tips to be helpful and they get you started off on the right foot. We’re certain to have the space you’re searching for, and we’d love to take you on a tour. Contact our office today to get started!