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Thanksgiving DIY Decorations

Sacha R - Thursday, November 19, 2015

Are you still thinking of ways to bring the festive decor to your Thanksgiving celebration? Well we're here to help you out! Below are some fantastic, easy DIY decorations to spruce up your Thanksgiving this year. 

Whether you go elaborate or simple one of the following DIY decorations will sure to please! To see the full list of awesome DIY decoration ideas visit

Classic Cornucopia -  How beautiful would your table look with this colorful cornucopia? To create this stunning centerpiece simple fold a sheet of gift wrap/decorative paper into a cone shape (as shown in the picture) and secure the edges with tape. Then add in your favorite ingredients such as apples, dried corn, shredded paper, etc. 


Table Garland - If you don't want to go the traditional cornucopia route why not try out some festive pinecone garland? To create this master piece use heavy-gauge, gold wire to attach pinecones to rope. Next use either coarsely woven hemp or cotton ribbon and tie a bow around the rope at the bottom of each pinecone (this will help hide the wire). To add a bit of pizzazz, add a little gold or silver glitter to the pinecones prior to attaching to the garland!

pinecone garland

Golden Gourds - Who doesn't love a shiny gold centerpiece on their table?? This centerpiece is a crowd pleaser for sure. For this DIY you will need the following items: Newspapers, Gourds in desired shape & size, Gold spray or acrylic paint, Cake Plate. Wash & dry your gourds and place on newspaper. Spray-paint the grourds using the gold paint or if desired paint the gourds with the acrylic paint. Make sure you let them dry throughly. Place/stack the gourds onto the cake plate & enjoy!

golden goulds

We wish everyone a happy and joyous Thanksgiving celebration!
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