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Community News and Insights

4 Tips for Maximizing Your Office Space

Sacha R - Wednesday, April 18, 2018



With the amount of time you spend in your office taken into consideration, it is important to maximize your space while creating efficiency. It’s a fine line between “organized chaos” and “chaos”, and from an outsider’s perspective, they could look the same.

4 ways to maximize office space

1. Declutter and define: Clutter can slow an office down physically and mentally, which hinders the effectiveness of the business. It is also easy to misplace something you thought you just had your eye on; when in reality it’s at the bottom of a pile.
2. Think vertical: The addition of shelving units can be monumental for offices. Our commercial buildings are “A” rated which means they can be built or altered to fit the needs of your business, so if shelving units will work for you – let us know!
3. Cut down on paper: Relying on a lot of paper can mean that there are miscellaneous piles throughout the office of documents that are unclaimed – or ones that didn’t need to be printed. Not only does it begin to pile up, but, it also creates the need for more filing cabinets and storage – both of which can take up space.
4. Reevaluate your desk: When we think of owning a business, we often picture a large office with an even larger desk. It’s time to reevaluate that picture and decide if a smaller-scale piece of furniture can do the job just as well. This will free up floor space so that you can incorporate other essentials into your office.

If you’ve tried these tips and found they didn’t help clear up as much space as you were hoping for, it could be a sign that you need to find a new place for your office. If this is the case for you, schedule a tour with Rosetti Properties. We have spaces throughout the Capital District and are sure to have something that will help your business prosper.


5 Ways to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

Sacha R - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Man using tablet


As a business owner, you know that there are gadgets and pieces of technology that your office needs in order to flourish. However, many of these pieces of equipment have the tendency to increase your electric bill. If this is the case for you, it’s time to find a common ground that will allow your business to grow, without costing you a fortune to keep the lights on.

5 ways your office can be more energy efficient

1. Shut down at night: One of the biggest offenders to raising your electric bill is caused by equipment being left on when everyone is home for the evening. If the equipment does not need to be on when the office is empty; switch it off before locking up.
2. Use Energy Star-qualified products: The Energy Star label indicates that the equipment uses at least 20% less energy than a standard model. This label allows offices to know that they are making the best choice for the office.
3. Use power strips: Even when not in use, most office electronics use what is referred to as “phantom energy”, which means even though it’s sitting idle, it is still drawing power from the outlet. Rather than unplugging multiple pieces of equipment, consider purchasing a power cord for items such as computers or printers, and then flip the switch to off when they aren’t needed.
4. Switch to laptops: Desktops have a tendency to use more electricity than laptops. Businesses that swap even a few of their desktops for laptops can see an increase in energy efficiency.
5. Set sleep modes: Most pieces of office equipment, such as copiers or computers, have a “power save” mode or “sleep” mode setting which can be used turned into an energy-saving mode after a certain number of idle minutes.
These are only 5 of the energy savings tips we have to offer you! To learn more ways to become energy efficient and to schedule a tour of our properties, contact Rosetti Properties today. Your ideal space is waiting for you to set up shop!



4 Landscaping and Snow Removal Benefits for Your Business

Sacha R - Friday, March 23, 2018

Beautiful Landscape


As with the interior of your business, the outside makes an impression on your visitors, whether it’s clients or prospects, how the area around your building is maintained speaks volumes. Many property management companies do not offer either service to their renters, which can create quite a headache for you as a business owner. For our tenants, landscaping and snow removal services are part of our property management services!

The Benefits of Our Professional Landscaping and Snow Removal

Long-Term Economic Benefits: Curb appeal is key for many businesses no matter the current weather conditions. Landscapes that are well maintained are likely to attract the attention of those passing by whether they are on foot or driving. A well-put together landscape and walkway gives the impression that you are detail-oriented, proactive, and that you appreciate the aesthetics and quality of your business.
Environmentally Conscious: In addition to curb appeal, plants and foliage around the property are beneficial to the environment. Plant life has the potential to reduce soil erosion while increasing rainfall retention. The cleaner water means a potentially less toxic environment for the wildlife around your business.

Environmentally Conscious: In addition to curb appeal, plants and foliage around the property are beneficial to the environment. Plant life has the potential to reduce soil erosion while increasing rainfall retention. The cleaner water means a potentially less toxic environment for the wildlife around your business.

Increased Safety: The likelihood of your business closing due to weather conditions, such as snow, is minimal, which means it will need to be accessible. The lack of snow removal raises the risk of potential clients opting to move on from your business to a competitor since they cannot easily access your business. Additionally, if the parking lot or sidewalk are not properly maintained it increases the chances of personal injury – which is just as dangerous to your business.

Long-term Savings: Rosetti Properties maintains the landscaping services and snow removals for our commercial and retail spaces so that the business owners can focus on the more important aspects of their business. Additionally, since we handle the maintenance for the property, it alleviates the concern of finding companies to maintain your landscape as well as snow removal. This in turn saves you financially in the long run.

If your business currently resides in a facility that does not offer this service, then it’s time to set up shop in one of our spaces! Contact us today to schedule a tour of our available offices, we’re sure to have a space that is perfect for the needs of your business!



4 Office Decorating Tips from Rosetti Properties

Sacha R - Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Open office efficiency


Your business is essentially home away from home and while you want it to have many creature comforts we enjoy, you also need it to maintain a professional image. This balance is easy to obtain using these decorating tips we have gathered!

4 Office Decorating Tips

1. Make a Good First Impression: Making a good first impression is something we’ve heard about for most of our lives in preparation for the workforce. It doesn’t just stop at your personal demeanor; you also need to take your business space into consideration. Take an honest look at your business, almost as if you were a client visiting the office. Is it clean, organized, and inviting?
2. Add Some Color: The color(s) and décor of your office should reflect the business and its services. Legal offices, for example, tend to stick to the neutral tones, but adding a pop of color can bring life into the building. Whereas creative businesses tend to have more color throughout the office, but, these offices should keep in mind that too much can be overwhelming. The key to color is moderation!
3. Remove the Clutter: Throughout the life of your business you’re apt to acquire a stack of papers, documents, and other office debris. These piles are rarely dealt with, even though we tell ourselves we’ll take care of them. If the piles aren’t handled accordingly, they could cost you potential business as well as valuable time. Your staff could potentially spend a large amount of time looking for a paper or document that could be in one pile or another.
4. Get Organized: In addition to removing clutter, your office needs to get organized! This may not seem like it’s a part of decorating, but, it is. There’s more to decorating than painting and hanging art. Create functional spaces for specific office activities. For example, your printer, copier, and fax machine should have their own space with their supplies that keep them running.

Perhaps you’ve run out of space and no amount of reorganizing or decorating can help maintain the professional appearance your business deserves. If this is the case, contact Rosetti Properties to schedule a tour of our properties! Our commercial buildings are “A” rated which means offices can be altered or built to meet the needs of your business! All commercial spaces are suited for individual needs and surpass all town codes and ordinances. We look forward to helping you find the property best suited for your business!


Do You Know When it’s Time to Expand Your Business

Sacha R - Thursday, February 22, 2018

Expand your meetings with this office


The goal for every business owner is for their business to flourish and succeed, but, do you know when the right time to expand your business is? An obvious sign that it’s time to expand is outgrowing your current location, whether it’s a home-based office or brick and mortar office.

Aside from needing more physical space, there are a few concrete signs that will help you decide when the time is right to expand your business.

Determining When It’s Time To Expand Your Business

Amount of Business: Do you have more business than you can handle or have you turned down business because you’re too busy? Are your employees working around the clock? If either of these are a “yes”, then it’s time to expand. Having too much business is a good thing, turning away business because you don’t have enough space, product, or employees to handle the business, creates a bad situation.

Monitor Your Industry: Many industries are susceptible to growth and rapid changes. It is essential to monitor trends and changes in your industry as well as your business. You will need to keep up with the changing market especially as it evolves, rather than fall ball and suffer the consequences.

Funds and Sustainability: Arguably the most important factor to expanding your business is whether or not the business has the funding and sustainability in order for an expansion to be realistic and feasible. The cost-benefit will need to be weighed heavily if you were to expand but needed to take out a business loan. It is not ideal to take on more debt than your business can withstand.

Find the Ideal Location: For your business to truly flourish, it may be dependent upon its location. Rosetti Properties has commercial and retail office spaces throughout the Albany, New York area which can be built to suit the needs of your business. Contact us today to schedule a tour to find the space your business deserves!


Home-Based Business vs. Brick and Mortar

Sacha R - Friday, February 02, 2018

Shaker Run Plaza


As a business owner, you need to weigh the pros and cons of all of your options. Which internet package will best fit your needs, what technology will help your business thrive, and even if you should base your business from your home or have a storefront brick and mortar location. Certainly you have heard people boast about the luxury of working from home, but, is that truly the best option for your business?

Brick and Mortar vs. Home-Based Business

While running a home-based business may seem as though it is more cost effective, that may not actually be the case. Individuals who leave their home for the day in order to go to work have a tendency to turn down their heat or A.C. If your business is based out of your home, you are unable to lower your heating or cooling. Therefore, you are heating or cooling your home constantly throughout the day which raises your overall costs.

Additionally, you may need to install a business landline or purchase a secondary cell phone with the sole purpose of maintaining business calls. There may come a time when you feel the need to have a second computer as to eliminate distractions on your personal computer during business hours. Congruently, you will need to make sure your software and internet can handle the needs of your business.

Most importantly, if you are operating your business from your home, you will need to convince your clients that you are professional and serious about them and your work. Unless you have a separate entrance and a section of your home that is completely dedicated to your business, clients are less likely to take you serious. Home-based offices also run the risk of eliminating foot traffic. Brick and mortar offices create an opportunity for your business to be found easier and perhaps on a whim by a potential client who was in the area. You also won’t have to worry about maintaining a professional front and business appeal with a brick and mortar location.

The expansion of your business will also be limited and hindered by your home office. Is there enough room for yourself and employees? If the answer is no, are you able to handle every aspect of the business on your own?


Contact Rosetti Properties

With these few aspects in mind, you may find it easier and more beneficial to have a brick and mortar office for your business. To find the location that will best suit you and the needs of your business, contact us to schedule a tour. With properties throughout the Capital Region, we are sure to have a property you will want to set up shop in!


4 Expert Design tips for Your Office

Sacha R - Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Amazing Reception Desk


A functioning office and workspace is of the utmost importance when it comes to your business. Whether you have a big budget, or you want to stick to a more modest route, it can be easy to make your office look like you hired a professional designer.

1. Lighting: The majority of a person’s day has the potential to be spent inside an office working. Lack of good lighting can create a negative impact for your workers, especially if there isn’t enough natural lighting coming into their work space. Eye fatigue and tension headaches are some of the issues caused by inadequate lighting which ultimately, can take a toll on their work.

2. Create Spaces: Everything throughout a worker’s day doesn’t have to happen at their workspace. Whether it’s eating lunch, a casual conversation, or a creative session, creating spaces allows for workers to dismantle communication barriers while encouraging a change of scenery and spontaneity in the office.

3. Organization: When it comes to your office, it’s important to make sure everything works cohesively, and to be mindful of areas your clients or customers will see. Having a space that is organized, as well as tidy, will help make your day-to-day business operations running more smoothly.

4. Invest in Your Furniture: Going back to the budget, it might be tempting to cut corners. One place you should invest some money into is your furniture. Cheaper furniture may sound more appealing due to the up-front costs associated, but, in the long run you will have to replace these pieces sooner than if you had invested in quality items. Additionally, first impressions are a big deal. If a client or customer visits your business and they see your furniture is in shambles, they might be apt to take their business elsewhere.

The design of your office space is the foundation to your business’ culture. While the design of your office doesn’t make the business, it can certainly make the business more attractive. Maybe it’s where your office is located that is the real issue and there’s not enough design tips that can help. If that’s the situation, then start looking for a new space! With properties throughout the Capital Region, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. Contact Rosetti Properties today to schedule a tour!


Start the New Year with a New Space for Your Company

Sacha R - Thursday, January 04, 2018

Commercial Space available


Rosetti Properties is a family owned and operated business which got its start in 1957. We take a personal interest in all of our properties and have a hands-on approach as part of our business which garners top-level satisfaction and customer service.

Benefits of Leasing from Rosetti Properties

While many property management companies have only a few properties, typically in one or two areas, Rosetti Properties has over 500,000 square feet of commercial buildings throughout the Capital Region. With a high number of spaces, you’re sure to find the office or retail space best suited to fit your needs.

Commercial Properties: Our commercial buildings are “A” rated and they can also be altered to suit the individual needs of your business.

Retail Spaces: Our retail spaces will help your business become the store your customers love to visit.

Management Services: Put your mind at ease knowing that our staff is dedicated to maintaining the building and office space. As part of our hands-on approach we have an immediate response for all emergencies.

Additionally, we maintain the landscaping and exterior of your business since this is the first thing your visitors see and first impressions are of the utmost importance for the success of any business. We also ensure that all lease standards have been met by the previous tenant and any items that need to be addressed are taken care of prior to the new tenant moving in. This is all part of our move-in and move-out preparation services. Once you’re ready to schedule a tour of our available spaces, contact us so we can get started!


3 Reasons to Hire Movers for Your Business

Sacha R - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Hiring a Moving Company



Moving your office to a new space or building can be an exciting time, but, it can also cause a bit of stress or missed business opportunities if it isn’t handled properly. Because of this, businesses who are moving offices should hire a professional moving company.

Why You Should Hire a Moving Company for Your Business

1.Your Employees: Whether your employees are physically fit or not, they don’t know how to properly package and move your office furniture or electronic equipment. Moving can also be stressful on the mind and body. Unless they move furniture for a living, they most likely aren’t your best option.
2.Time is Money: Consider when the move will happen. If you ask your employees to help you, there’s a good chance it will happen during business hours. The job will in fact be completed, but, they should spend their day in more productive ways. Professional moving companies can work with your schedule and get the move completed on your time and your terms.
3.Level of Difficulty: Organizing, packing boxes, wrapping furniture, and packing vehicles can create a lot of work and is more difficult than it seems. You will also need to consider what vehicles are being used. Will you use your own and your employees or rent a truck? Whereas hiring a professional moving company eliminates the stress you would be creating. They supply materials, moving equipment, and transportation.

Before you sign a lease for a new office space, contact Rosetti Properties; we have commercial offices as well as retail spaces available. Schedule a tour of our properties today!


4 ways to Celebrate the Holidays in the Office

Sacha R - Thursday, December 07, 2017

get Ready fo the Holidays


The holiday season marks the end of the calendar year and a time to celebrate with friends, family, and colleagues. If having a lavish party for your office isn’t something you have a desire for, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday season with your employees. Doing so gives you the opportunity to have your employees interact with each other, increase morale, and even work on team building.

Cookie Swap: You supply the beverages while encouraging your employees to bring in their favorite seasonal cookies. If their cookies are homemade, ask them to bring in the recipe, doing so will encourage your employees to talk about something aside from work. At the end of the swap they will have exchanged recipes and learned more about each other, encouraging team bonding and growth.

Ugly Sweater Day: Schedule an ugly holiday sweater office day. Some employees may not want to participate themselves, and that’s okay, but they’ll enjoy seeing the other fun and festive sweaters.

Schedule a Team Lunch: Whether the lunch is catered or potluck, schedule a time so that the entire team can come together and break bread. Have fun with the lunch break, play seasonal music, include games and festivities that will spark conversation and engagement.

Make a Contribution: Rather than hosting a lavish party, make a charitable contribution from your office. Donate to a charity or buy gifts for a family in need. Your team will come together and make a donation that is worthwhile creating a positive experience for everyone.

Whichever route you decide to take for your office, make sure everyone is involved as much as they want to be. Some employees may be more “behind-the-scenes” and would prefer not to be front and center (like during games). Give them the choice to participate or not, but, make sure everyone knows about the plan.

Contact Rosetti Properties
Searching for a new office building or retail space? Rosetti Properties has everything you’re searching for! With availability throughout Albany County, we’re sure to have the space you need. Contact us today to schedule a tour!