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Community News and Insights

The 5 Things to Consider for Renting a Business Space

Sacha R - Friday, August 10, 2018

Office building


An exciting, but stressful, time for any business owner is searching for the best space to rent. While some business owners may consider utilizing their current space in a different way, this isn’t typically an option that many find feasible. In the long run, it pays to keep a few things in mind throughout your search.

5 Considerations to Make When Renting a Business Space

1. Finances: When it comes down to it, the space you rent will ultimately depend on your finances. It is important to have a budget in mind with an amount you do not want to exceed.
2. Needs: Something many business owners don’t take into consideration are the needs of the business, they can confuse what they need with what they want. When it comes to your business, these are not the same thing.
3. Accessibility: Take into consideration aspects such as the parking lot, building layout, handicap accessibility, as well as accessibilities to nearby roadways. This will also be important if your business often relies on deliveries from larger trucks – remember, they can’t fit everywhere.
4. Location: Not to be confused with accessibility, the location of your business matters just as much as the location of your home. Take into consideration the logistics of the location and if it makes sense for your business. If your clients or distributors are from a specific area, you may find it easier and more convenient to be centrally located.
5. Appearance: As we know, first appearances are everything. Whether you are a retail business owner, or a law firm, what the business and its landscape look like is very important. Customers and clients are more likely to visit your business if it has an upstanding appearance.

Contact Rosetti Properties

To help your business flourish, Rosetti Properties offers commercial and retail spaces throughout Albany County and the Capital Region. Our professionals can help you find the space your business truly deserves. The spaces we offer can also be built to suit your needs! To begin looking at everything we have to offer your business, contact us today!


5 Ways to Increase Prices While Maintaining Customers

Sacha R - Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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When a larger, global company raises their prices, people are typically on either side of the fence. They either don’t mind because the increase is usually minimal while others vow they will no longer do business with that company. What does this mean for businesses that don’t have offices around the globe but rely on their community in order to thrive? How do you raise your prices without losing business?

5 Ways to Increase Prices without Losing Business

1. Make gradual increases: Depending on your industry, products, or services you might be able to increase prices for a certain period of time for new customers or clients while offering a “discounted price” for your longtime customers. However, give them a grace period and have them understand that the discount isn’t forever.
2. Timing: Much like location; timing is key. If you’ve encountered a large amount of customer complaints or suffered from a review that painted your business in a negative light, consider waiting to increase prices. Doing so at that moment will continue to shed a negative light on your business. Instead, rebound with your customers and gain their trust back. Then, once you have reestablished your business with them, start the process gradually.
3. Make eliminations: While this option won’t feel like you’re raising prices, you are creating the same effect for your business. Each business is bound to have a product or service that offer a lot of room for profit. Unless it’s something that always gets people in the door, or if it has a high profit margin, consider eliminating it. This could be done for a period of time as a trial to see how it impacts the business, if you find that it’s a negative impact, you should consider taking a different route.
4. `A la carte items: Many businesses offer add on items which allows for an increase in sales without raising the price of a product or service. Businesses with electronic equipment tend to offer extended warranties; this in turn increases the overall price of the transaction without increasing the price of the product.
5. Be up front: We’ve been told from an early age that honesty is the best policy; this adage still holds true for businesses and their customers. Depending on your industry, products or services, a price increase can be easily explained. Retail shops who only sell products from ethical companies with higher standards for their own employees can easily explain the cost of products and services. Transparency can go a long way when it comes to your customers.

If your business is growing to the point where you’ve begun to run out of space, don’t let that impact your business. Finding a space that is better suitable for your business can help it flourish. Rosetti Properties has approximately 500,000 square feet of commercial space throughout Albany County and the Capital Region. Spaces from retail to commercial offices are centrally located in the area and your customers will find them easy to access. We also pride ourselves in being able to alter the office space to fit the specific needs of your business! Contact us today to schedule a tour of your next business space!


3 Ways Your Office can Enhance Your Brand

Sacha R - Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Conference table


For many business owners branding seems like an outward facing project – portraying a specific image to your clients or how the general public sees you. However, what happens inside your building is just as important. Branding for your company doesn’t end with your digital appearance or signs on the outer wall of the building, it is essential to ensure your office building is accurately representing your brand as well.

3 Ways to Portray 

1. Lighting: It can seem like a small detail, but lighting can have ayour Brand in your Office deep impact on everyone’s mood, productivity, as well as creativity. This is particularly true with natural lighting; the more natural light the better. What does this have to do with your brand? Your employees represent your company and are, in essence, your brand.

2. Customizations: Making your employees feel as though they belong to a team encourages positive branding. Adding customized signs, artwork, or color coordination throughout the office creates an additional level of branding while bringing your employees together.
3. Personal Touches: Signage throughout the office with your brand’s logo or name is great for its purpose, but, employees should be encouraged to decorate their space. Personal touches added to employee spaces create a sense of community and pride in working for your company which creates an extension of your brand.

While many property management companies will tell you that all you need is a trendy building to become successful, that isn’t actually the case. Creating values that your employees value and embrace as much as you do creates a positive reflection of your brand that will be evident to your clients. If you feel as though your space is restricting your ability to create a positive reflection of your brand, then it’s time to find a new place to set up shop. Contact us today to schedule a tour of the properties we have to offer throughout the Capital Region!


Turn Business Failures into Success

Sacha R - Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Office overview


Throughout your time as a business owner, you will have a series of happy moments as well as moments that didn’t go quite as expected. It’s important to keep yourself and your business on track and not allow these moments to become monumental. So how do you turn a business failure into success?

• Assess the Situation: You may not be able to fix an error or situation on your own, but, it is up to each business owner to make situation assessments. When you’ve hit a bump in the road, take notes of everything that is happening to help rectify the issue.
• Become Efficient: The statement “we’ve always done it this way” could be detrimental to your business. The processes you had in the beginning were, in all likelihood, inefficient; it’s time to ditch those processes and switch to something that is more efficient.
• Plan for the Unexpected: Business owners shouldn’t operate their business while wearing rose colored glasses, you should be prepared for the unexpected. There are many aspects which are outside of your control such as changes in the economy.

Above all, don’t quit. A setback doesn’t mean you need to close your doors forever, simply use it as a learning experience. As your business continues to grow and change, the needs of your office or retail space will continue to grow and change as well. With properties throughout Albany County of varying sizes, we are sure to have a space your business will flourish in! Contact us today to schedule a tour!


4 Ways to Encourage Office Collaboration

Sacha R - Thursday, June 07, 2018

Team meeting


If your team has been feeling overwhelmed with work, or they have encountered a mental road block that’s keeping them from completing a task or coming up with fresh ideas, then it’s time to incorporate items into your office space that encourage collaboration.

Encourage Office Collaboration in 4 Ways

1. Creative Space: Whether your business is an office or retail space, having a creative space for your employees to gather is essential. The space should encourage open discussion and allow for ideas to begin flowing. This space also allows for conversations to be held away from others who aren’t involved in the specific scenario and won’t disrupt their work.
2. Open Floor Plan: Many offices have noticed a higher level of collaboration when they switched to an open floor plan. They encourage active communication, brainstorming, as well as addressing questions quickly and easily.
3. Snacks: We’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but snacking throughout the day keeps our energy up and spirits high. Whether it’s a snack cart in a central location, homemade goodies in the kitchen, or candy in meeting spaces, the occasional snack will help keep the momentum going and encourage more conversations and collaborating.
4. Music: Light background music has been known to keep the creative juices flowing as well as inspiring creativity and team building. While it is not meant to be intrusive, there is a happy medium that any office can find suitable for their needs!
Perhaps you have tried incorporating these ideas, among others, into your workspace and you’ve found that your team is still stuck. If this is the case, it could be your office or retail space causing the issue. Don’t let your space hinder the growth of your business! Contact us today to schedule a tour of our commercial and retail spaces!


The Benefits of Implementing Innovations in Your Business

Sacha R - Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Conference room


Business owners and their staff should be looking for new and innovative ways to help the business prosper. But it doesn’t stop at the research level, you will need to consider the innovations that will be best for the company and put a plan into place to implement them.

How Businesses Benefit From Implementing Innovations

1. Showcase Your Qualities: Help your business stand out from competitors in your market by showcasing your unique qualities. It’s common for businesses to say they are different from their competitors, but, to really put you ahead of the crowd it helps to showcase what makes you truly unique.
2. Increase Productivity: As your business continues to grow, you may find that the staff has become overwhelmed with their workload. If this is the case, you may find that it’s more beneficial to implement a new process to get the work done. This might even be a group effort that you and your staff discuss during a company meeting. It could also be beneficial for you to know how your staff is feeling and how they feel a new process could help.
3. Solve Problems: If you have a persistent problem that reappears frequently, it could be due to a cookie-cutter answer. Think outside the box to find an answer and solution that will work for the business as well as finding a solution once and for all. Whether the issue has been product related, shipping methods, or office productivity, there’s sure to be a solution that will help your business.
4. Beat the Competition: Business owners who take on an innovative thought process and are open to a new process, procedures, and technology are more likely to beat their competition. Those without this thought process is more likely to be left behind.

Contact Rosetti Properties

An additional way to help your business flourish is to set up shop in one of our commercial or retail spaces! With properties throughout Albany, New York, your clients will find that you are centrally located and easy to access. Contact Rosetti Properties to schedule your tour!


5 Team-Building Activities

Sacha R - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Teammates high-fiving



Team bonding and growth are essential for any business, but, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Bringing your team together can be as simple as getting up from your desks and going outside.

5 Team-Building Activities That Won’t Break the Bank

1. Book Club: You can meet monthly or quarterly, whichever fits the schedule of your business the best. As individuals, we tend to enjoy reading different authors, genres, fiction or non-fiction, which creates a great opportunity for your staff to share their favorite books and authors!
2. Eat-and-Meet: Turn your staff meeting into a session where you enjoy good food while recapping your accomplishments or struggles. Taking food or beverage requests from your staff can give everyone better insight to their teammates and what they enjoy eating. Having pizza or bagels at every meeting gets old, try something new!
3. Get Outside: There are so many fantastic places to go for a long walk or hike in New York’s Capital Region. It’s ok to have a bit of shop talk going on during your outdoor excursions, but, it’s also nice to simply take in the scenery and enjoy non-work conversations.
4. Game Time: Try incorporating a friendly game into your team meetings, especially ones that help break the ice and for the team to get to know each other. Games like Two Truths and a Lie is a classic game where each person tells two truths and one lie about themselves and the rest of the team has to guess which one is the lie.
5. Cards of Recognition: When you see something great happening in your team, whether it’s them coming together to create a solution, or just going above and beyond their daily duties, give them a small shout out with a card of recognition. While this won’t necessarily create a bonding session for your team, it will give them a sense of recognition, which is always nice!

Find the Ideal Location

For your business to flourish, it’s important for your team to come together and bond, but, it’s more important for your business to be in a location that is truly ideal. If your business is located in a part of town that is less than appealing, or the building is difficult to access, this can deter potential clients or customers, and even the staff you’re striving to hire. Rosetti Properties has both commercial and retail properties throughout the greater Albany, New York area which is centrally located to so many great places! Contact us to schedule a tour of our properties and to find a place to set up shop!


4 Tips for Maximizing Your Office Space

Sacha R - Wednesday, April 18, 2018



With the amount of time you spend in your office taken into consideration, it is important to maximize your space while creating efficiency. It’s a fine line between “organized chaos” and “chaos”, and from an outsider’s perspective, they could look the same.

4 ways to maximize office space

1. Declutter and define: Clutter can slow an office down physically and mentally, which hinders the effectiveness of the business. It is also easy to misplace something you thought you just had your eye on; when in reality it’s at the bottom of a pile.
2. Think vertical: The addition of shelving units can be monumental for offices. Our commercial buildings are “A” rated which means they can be built or altered to fit the needs of your business, so if shelving units will work for you – let us know!
3. Cut down on paper: Relying on a lot of paper can mean that there are miscellaneous piles throughout the office of documents that are unclaimed – or ones that didn’t need to be printed. Not only does it begin to pile up, but, it also creates the need for more filing cabinets and storage – both of which can take up space.
4. Reevaluate your desk: When we think of owning a business, we often picture a large office with an even larger desk. It’s time to reevaluate that picture and decide if a smaller-scale piece of furniture can do the job just as well. This will free up floor space so that you can incorporate other essentials into your office.

If you’ve tried these tips and found they didn’t help clear up as much space as you were hoping for, it could be a sign that you need to find a new place for your office. If this is the case for you, schedule a tour with Rosetti Properties. We have spaces throughout the Capital District and are sure to have something that will help your business prosper.


5 Ways to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

Sacha R - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Man using tablet


As a business owner, you know that there are gadgets and pieces of technology that your office needs in order to flourish. However, many of these pieces of equipment have the tendency to increase your electric bill. If this is the case for you, it’s time to find a common ground that will allow your business to grow, without costing you a fortune to keep the lights on.

5 ways your office can be more energy efficient

1. Shut down at night: One of the biggest offenders to raising your electric bill is caused by equipment being left on when everyone is home for the evening. If the equipment does not need to be on when the office is empty; switch it off before locking up.
2. Use Energy Star-qualified products: The Energy Star label indicates that the equipment uses at least 20% less energy than a standard model. This label allows offices to know that they are making the best choice for the office.
3. Use power strips: Even when not in use, most office electronics use what is referred to as “phantom energy”, which means even though it’s sitting idle, it is still drawing power from the outlet. Rather than unplugging multiple pieces of equipment, consider purchasing a power cord for items such as computers or printers, and then flip the switch to off when they aren’t needed.
4. Switch to laptops: Desktops have a tendency to use more electricity than laptops. Businesses that swap even a few of their desktops for laptops can see an increase in energy efficiency.
5. Set sleep modes: Most pieces of office equipment, such as copiers or computers, have a “power save” mode or “sleep” mode setting which can be used turned into an energy-saving mode after a certain number of idle minutes.
These are only 5 of the energy savings tips we have to offer you! To learn more ways to become energy efficient and to schedule a tour of our properties, contact Rosetti Properties today. Your ideal space is waiting for you to set up shop!



4 Landscaping and Snow Removal Benefits for Your Business

Sacha R - Friday, March 23, 2018

Beautiful Landscape


As with the interior of your business, the outside makes an impression on your visitors, whether it’s clients or prospects, how the area around your building is maintained speaks volumes. Many property management companies do not offer either service to their renters, which can create quite a headache for you as a business owner. For our tenants, landscaping and snow removal services are part of our property management services!

The Benefits of Our Professional Landscaping and Snow Removal

Long-Term Economic Benefits: Curb appeal is key for many businesses no matter the current weather conditions. Landscapes that are well maintained are likely to attract the attention of those passing by whether they are on foot or driving. A well-put together landscape and walkway gives the impression that you are detail-oriented, proactive, and that you appreciate the aesthetics and quality of your business.
Environmentally Conscious: In addition to curb appeal, plants and foliage around the property are beneficial to the environment. Plant life has the potential to reduce soil erosion while increasing rainfall retention. The cleaner water means a potentially less toxic environment for the wildlife around your business.

Environmentally Conscious: In addition to curb appeal, plants and foliage around the property are beneficial to the environment. Plant life has the potential to reduce soil erosion while increasing rainfall retention. The cleaner water means a potentially less toxic environment for the wildlife around your business.

Increased Safety: The likelihood of your business closing due to weather conditions, such as snow, is minimal, which means it will need to be accessible. The lack of snow removal raises the risk of potential clients opting to move on from your business to a competitor since they cannot easily access your business. Additionally, if the parking lot or sidewalk are not properly maintained it increases the chances of personal injury – which is just as dangerous to your business.

Long-term Savings: Rosetti Properties maintains the landscaping services and snow removals for our commercial and retail spaces so that the business owners can focus on the more important aspects of their business. Additionally, since we handle the maintenance for the property, it alleviates the concern of finding companies to maintain your landscape as well as snow removal. This in turn saves you financially in the long run.

If your business currently resides in a facility that does not offer this service, then it’s time to set up shop in one of our spaces! Contact us today to schedule a tour of our available offices, we’re sure to have a space that is perfect for the needs of your business!