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Community News and Insights

Four Ways to Save Money on Business Expenses

Sacha R - Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Saving on Expenses

As a small business owner, it can be easy to focus on increasing sales and making money rather than reducing costs. However, keeping business costs low will help your company grow and allow you to have a greater net income. Cutting costs may seem difficult, but there are ways to do so without making too many sacrifices.


Go Paperless 
If going 100% paperless isn’t an option, look for ways to reduce paper use. If your business is just starting out, purchase laptops instead of desktop computers and encourage employees to type their meeting notes. Print any necessary documents two-sided and send company updates via email. If you send coupons or announcements to customers, start sending emails instead of snail mail.


Reducing the amount of paper your business uses will also reduce the money you spend on reams of paper, ink cartridges and repairs to your printer.
Utilize Social Media


Advertising is only expensive if you want it to be. Hop on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and spend some time organically interacting with your followers and potential customers. Think of it as online networking if that makes you feel better about spending so much time on social media!


You can also run ads on social media for a fraction of the cost as traditional media. Digital ads are also hyper-targeted, which means you can rest easy knowing your ads (and money) are reaching the right demographic.


Be More Energy Efficient


Between lights, multiple computers, phones and possibly kitchen appliances, an office space can use a lot of energy. Reduce your energy bill each month by making a conscious effort to be more energy efficient. Lower the thermostat at night, use power strips, and turn computers off at the end of the day. The environment will thank you too!


Choose the Right Office Space


Leasing an office space that’s too big for the current size of your company is a sure-fire way to drain your bank account. There’s no need to pay for space that you don’t foresee using within the next 6 months. Assess your businesses needs before researching a property that will work for you!


Rosetti Properties has numerous locations within the Capital Region ranging from 250 ft² to 44530 ft². We’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for; contact us today!


Redesign Your Work Space to be More Productive

Sacha R - Thursday, February 21, 2019

Improving Your Workplace

Everyone is constantly looking for the next big thing that will make them more productive. Whether it be food, a book, meditating or listening to the same song on repeat, people will stop at nothing to know the secret to productivity. While we don’t have all of the answers, we do know that you can redesign your office space to make it (and your employees) more productive.

Have Designated Areas for Different Tasks

Does your workspace make certain tasks more difficult? Crowding around a desk to hold a meeting doesn’t make sense, and quite frankly, makes people uncomfortable. It also wouldn’t make sense to have a conversation with someone sitting at the opposite end of a long conference table.

While open floor plans can be challenging to work with, it is doable. Maybe you take a page from your local library’s book (pun intended) and make the open work space a quiet environment. Encourage people to have conversations and team meetings in designated spaces away from other employees.

To encourage collaboration and productivity further, equip conference rooms with the right tools. Having TVs, Smart Boards, White Boards, and easels encourage an open dialog and productive brainstorm sessions.

Make the Office Comfortable

While sleeping pods, hammocks, and giant bean bags aren’t necessary, it is important that your employees are comfortable. Is your office too hot or too cold? If the temperature is too extreme in one direction or another it can distract employees from their work.

Maybe you consider instating a casual dress code if you currently require employees to wear suits. If a person is comfortable in what they’re wearing they’re more likely to be able to focus on the task at hand.

It’s also important to ensure that everyone has a comfortable chair. Sitting for 8 hours a day is already hard on the body, an uncomfortable chair makes it even worse. If available, let employees swap chairs with others in the office until they find one they like. You can also ask your team once a year if anyone would like a new chair. A pain-free back and neck is possibly one of the best ways to ensure your employees remain productive!

Lastly, encourage employees to decorate their desks! Adding plants, personal photos and small trinkets increases comfort and helps people to feel like the space is theirs. You can also decorate the common areas of the office by adding potted plants, hanging photos and adding pops of color into your décor.

If you’re out of ways to reorganize your office, perhaps it’s time to move to a new building. Rosetti Properties has numerous buildings and office spaces available to fit your business’ needs. Our commercial buildings are “A” rated, meaning they can be altered to look and function how you want it to.


How to Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

Sacha R - Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Your Happy Office

Now more than ever, people are turning their attention to environmentally friendly alternatives to their favorite products. They’re also changing their lifestyle and daily routines to be more environmentally conscious. This mind set doesn’t just apply to our personal lives, and homes though. Many people are looking towards their work place to make changes to be more environmentally friendly.

Five Ways To Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

Use Less Energy – Becoming more energy efficient is not only good for the environment but for your wallet too! Powering down at night, using power strips, and using laptops are just a few of the ways your office can become more efficient. Your electric bill will thank you!

Get A Recycling Bin – Offices are one of the biggest offenders for using too much paper. Even as times are changing and people are using tablets and computers more, there is still a great deal of paper being used. Depending on the size of your office, place a few recycling bins throughout so people can properly dispose of their papers when they’re done with them.

Invest in Silverware and Plates – Does your office have a kitchen or breakroom? If so, consider purchasing silverware, plates and bowls for people to use at lunchtime. You can find cheap sets at Walmart or on Amazon and in the long wrong the initial cost will outweigh the cost of repurchasing plastic.

Use Energy Star Appliances – If your office kitchen has a refrigerator, microwave or dishwasher make the switch to Energy Star appliances. In the past these appliances used to cost more than non-certified appliances, but not anymore! Now that can actually be cheaper, so you have no excuse not to make the switch!

Use Environmentally Friendly Office Products – These products will only cost around 5% more than traditional products, and the pros far outweigh the cons. Start with 100% recycled paper, refillable ink cartridges, and non-toxic highlighters. Then do some research and see what other environmentally friendly products you can find!

All of our offices can be altered and/or built to meet the needs of your business! We also use energy efficient lighting in all of our buildings which helps you remain environmentally friendly! Discover all of the great office spaces we have available to lease today!


Benefits of Leasing Office Space

Sacha R - Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Exterior of Rosetti Properties

To rent or to buy office space? That is a question that every business owner will find themselves asking at one point or another. While owning property can be enticing on the surface there are plenty of benefits to leasing that you should consider.


When you lease office space it’s a lot easier to move to a new building should the need arise. Selling a building could take a long time depending on the location and market. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you own two office buildings but only need one.

With a lease, you know when it will end so you can plan in advance.

Your Business Can Grow (Or Shrink)

This one goes hand in hand with flexibility. If you’re in a position where you need to hire a handful of new employees but have nowhere to put them, your business could be in trouble. It should also be noted that if you downsize your company, you’ll then be in a building that is too large. Leasing allows your business to change with ease without the added stress of a building keeping you in one place.

Seizing Opportunity

Have you had your eye on a specific office space? When that space becomes available, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the leasing opportunity!

No Maintenance Required

When you lease, you’re not responsible for the upkeep of the building. Property management services will take care of snow removal, maintenance in the building, cleaning and more. This takes a great deal of stress off your plate and allows you to focus on more important things: your business!

With properties throughout Albany County and the Capital Region; we know we’ll have office space that is the right fit for you and your company. Once you’re ready to view our available properties, contact our office to schedule your tour.


Choosing the Best Location for Your Business

Sacha R - Monday, January 07, 2019

Rosetti Exterior


Whether you’re moving offices or just starting your business, choosing the right building can be a stressful decision. The space must be the right fit for your business and your employees while also being in the right location. Focusing your attention on a few key areas can help you decide where your office should be located.
The first area you should turn your attention to is your budget. Determine what you can afford to put towards rent each month before even beginning to look for a space. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you find the perfect space and then realize it’s too expensive.
After setting a budget, the next thing to consider is the size of your company. This includes your company’s current size and prospective growth. Don’t sign a lease for a space that just fits the current number of employees. Find a space that will allow your business to grow if that’s what you foresee happening.
Type of Company
Does your company work closely with a lot of other local businesses? Then finding a space close to your clients should be a top priority. If your company doesn’t visit clients face to face too often, maybe you can consider finding a space outside of town that is less expensive.
We have properties throughout Albany County and the Capital Region; we will most certainly have a space that will suit the needs of your business. Once you’re ready to view our available properties, contact our office to schedule your tour.


6 Ways to Create a Healthy Work Life

Sacha R - Thursday, November 15, 2018

Man eating a salad


Business owners and their employees know how busy work schedules can be, whether or not steps are actively taken to stay healthy is a different area to master aside from maintaining a busy schedule. While you or your staff may not always put yourselves first, it’s important to do so as much as possible. Without making healthy decisions, the business’ best foot isn’t being put forward and it might be difficult to accomplish as much as necessary.

6 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

It’s much more than staying healthy at work, it’s about incorporating healthy options in your life that make a positive impact on your work life.

1. Take Time For You: It’s important to have a positive work-personal life balance. If you or your staff members are spending most of their waking hours working it’s bound to take a toll. Taking your work home with you every so often is okay, but it’s ideal to leave your work behind for the remainder of the day when you leave the office.
2. Getting Enough Sleep: Running on a combination of caffeine and determination can only take you so far, it’s best to add in a good nights’ rest to the combination. When a person gets a proper amount of sleep, especially on a consistent basis, their performance level is likely to increase.
3. Let Go: Like many areas of our lives, work can cause a certain level of stress. There are times when stressful circumstances are unavoidable, but, we need to learn to let go of the frustration and anguish. A healthy lifestyle often begins with letting go of negative feelings and nurturing your mind.
4. Exercise: This almost goes without saying, but having an active lifestyle that incorporates a level of exercise helps to maintain your overall health. Exercising helps you to destress and put things into perspective.
5. Eat Well: To stay healthy at work, it’s important to eat well. Is it okay to indulge with a calzone for lunch? Sure, as long as it isn’t every day or if it’s paired with an exercise routine. Stress-eating snacks during the day or skipping a meal because you’re “too busy” is not the ideal solution. Instead, pack a lunch and make sure enough time is set aside to take a breather and enjoy a good meal.
6. The Right Office: Having your business in an office or retail space that does not encourage a proper work environment or one that is hidden away and your consumers don’t know you’re there can create unwanted stress which diminishes your overall health. Rosetti Properties takes a personal interest in our commercial and retail properties by creating a long-term relationship with our tenants. We also pride ourselves in being able to alter and/or build our office space to suit the needs of your business!

Our professionals are invested in the overall success of those who establish their business in any of our commercial spaces. If your business is in a space that is not conducive to a healthy or productive work week, let us know! We’d love to meet with you and discuss the needs of your business and find a place that will suit your needs the best.



Boosting Your Business’ Credibility

Sacha R - Thursday, November 01, 2018

Office meeting


Running a successful business is more than having a product or service that people are searching for, it’s also about being honest and credible. The credibility of your business can lead to increased customer loyalty. So if the business’ credibility is moderately low, how do they increase it?

Traits of a Credible Business

Brand Identity: If your brand has a solid identity, it helps to encourage the credibility. If your brand doesn’t have a firm grasp on its identity, it may look as though the business is having a bit of an identity crisis and consumers will become weary and unwilling to work with you.

Strategy: With your brand identity in place, decide what is important to the business and what credibility means for your brand. From there, it’s important to build and implement a strategy to help achieve the level of credibility that your business ultimately deserves.

Honesty: If being honest and forthcoming with your clientele isn’t high on your list of priorities, you are strongly advised to reorganize your priorities. While working with customers, whether you’ve sealed the deal or you’re still working on it, they want you to be honest and upfront with them. Once they discover you’ve been deceitful, you’ve more than likely eliminated your chance of working together and increased the likelihood of them telling others of their experience.

The Right Space: As we’ve learned, location is important in every aspect of life; whether it’s the place that we call home or our business’ location. Your office space is very important to your business and can say a lot about your credibility. It’s important to set up shop in a building that accurately represents your business and that creates a positive perception for your customers.

Online Presence: Without a digital presence, people will have a difficult time finding your business. Your competitors are online and building their credibility, your brand should be too. Having a well-planned digital footprint helps to establish the business’ legitimacy.

These are only a few of the tips we have to help boost your business’ credibility. To find a space that is perfect for you, and one that helps to enhance the credibility of your brand, contact us to schedule a tour of our properties. The spaces we have to offer can also be built to suit the individual needs of your business!


Successfully Onboarding New Employees in 5 Steps

Sacha R - Thursday, October 18, 2018

Office building


As the needs of your business grows and changes, hiring new employees is a valuable part of your business’ success. What’s more important than hiring? A successful onboarding process doesn’t end when the last of the paperwork is completed and given to HR. Follow these 5 tips to successful onboard a new employee and set them up for success at your company.

5 Steps to Successfully Onboard a New Employee

1. Checklist: Creating a detailed process, or checklist, is important in ensuring you haven’t missed an important step or piece of paperwork during the first few days with your new employee. Your checklist will make sure they get all of the pertinent information, trainings are completed, and technology is in place.
2. Forms: Prior to their first day, compile all of the forms your newest team member will need to fill out. You will find it’s easiest to have a folder that holds the necessary paperwork, this way the employee can stay organized and return the folder once they’ve completed everything.
3. What to Expect: Once their starting day has been decided, send a follow up email to the employee giving them an outline of what to expect on their first day. Let them know when they should arrive, special instructions for entering the building (if applicable); who to report to, and items they should bring with them. It may also be helpful to send an agenda for the day so they know what their schedule looks like. Perhaps incorporate a team-building activity during this time so that the staff can learn more about each other.
4. Expectations and Fit: First days are always awkward and sometimes difficult to maneuver, especially if the new employee doesn’t know or understand how they fit within your company. Educate them as to how they belong in the business structure and culture; let them know they are more than something miniscule and what your expectations are.
5. Follow-Up Process: Once the paperwork is completed and they’ve begun to get in the swing of things in their new position, follow up with them. During this time ask them how they are adjusting, how they feel about the position, tasks, even the culture. You can also use this as an opportunity to find out what you can do to improve the onboarding process for your business.

Finding the Ideal Location

For your business to be a success, who you have working on your team is important, so is your office space. Shops and office buildings that are difficult to access or far away from desirable amenities could be a deterrent for potential employees and clientele. Finding your ideal location in the Capital Region isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Contact Rosetti Properties today to get started and find your new space!


7 Tips for First-Time Business Owners

Sacha R - Friday, October 05, 2018

People at a meeting

For many of us, it’s a dream to own a business of our own and to be our own boss. To make this dream a reality, and a successful one at that, first-time entrepreneurs should keep the following 7 tips in mind.

7 Tips for Starting a Business

Do What You Know: But, doing what you know also means you need to know what you do. A business that is built around your strengths and passion will have a better chance of success.

Tailor Your Pitch: You never know when you’ll run into a potential client or customer and need to give a quick pitch about your business. It’s important to tailor your pitch to something quick and concise, like a summary, and then if they are still interested, they will que you into continuing.

The Right Space: Where your business is located and the size of your space is also part of your success story. Beginning a business in a location that is difficult to get to, or too expensive for your budget can be detrimental.

Know Your Weaknesses: While we like to think we’re experts at everything, the truth is, we aren’t and we need others to handle what we can’t. By doing so, you will position yourself to be a better business owner.

Prove Yourself: There’s nothing that can kill a business faster than talking the talk without being able to walk the walk. Avoid exaggerating truths and successes and boast about what your company can actually accomplish.

Plan Ahead: There’s no such thing as a perfect plan or a fool-proof plan, planning ahead for the inevitable is essential.

Working from Your Home: Keep in mind that not every client wants to go to your house in order to meet with you. There are also the instances where they drive right past your business without knowing it even exists. It’s important to work with experienced professionals that knows the area and wants to see your business succeed. When you’re ready to see everything we have to offer your growing business, let us know!


What Zoning Laws Mean for Your Business

Sacha R - Monday, September 17, 2018

Office cubicles



Zoning laws, or zoning ordinances, determine how land in any given area is to be used in addition to building regulations which determine the maximum building size as well as the need for fire escapes. Whether you’ve just started a business or you’re determining where to set up shop, it’s important to understand what these laws mean, especially if you’re thinking about running a business from your home.

Zoning Laws

There are numerous zoning laws that business owners need to adhere to, some of which include:
•Setback requirements
•Parking requirements
•Commercial vs residential vs manufacturing
•Types of buildings that can occupy an area
In addition to understanding zoning laws for your business, you will also need to know what zone your building is in and if the business is allowed in the particular area.

Reasons to Get Out of the House

While it may feel efficient for you, the business owner, to conduct your business from your home it could cause conflicts that haven’t crossed your mind. Take into consideration the following:
•If you have a staff working from your home, is there enough parking? Take into consideration the amount of employees and if there will potentially be room for customers and clients as well.
•Are you prone to visitors? Most of us have a neighbor or family member who enjoys dropping in simply because they were “in the neighborhood”. This is not beneficial for a business owner who is trying to project a professional image for a client.
•How much space can you allocate to the business without losing personal space? It’s important to remember how much space desk and equipment require, especially if there is more than one person working from your home.

Contact Rosetti Properties

To avoid the inevitable hassle and headaches that are associated with running a business from your home, it is best to work with experts who have a vast understanding of the area’s zoning laws and ordinances. Rosetti Properties has commercial properties as well as retail spaces throughout Albany County and the Capital Region. Our professionals pride themselves in their knowledge of ordinances and the ability to build a space that is suitable to the needs of your business. When you set up shop in one of our professional spaces, you feel rest assured that all New York State zoning requirements are met. Another benefit to establishing your business in a professional space, you aren’t as likely to work during your “down” time since your home will be completely separated from your business. To schedule a tour and learn everything Rosetti Properties has to offer your business, contact us today!