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Meeting New Faces

Sacha R - Friday, August 21, 2015

When you are looking for an apartment it's not just about the neighborhoods that are a factor in deciding where to rent. A big part plays into who your neighbors are going to be - especially the people within your building. Whether you're looking to meet new people, or if you just want to make sure your neighbors are friendly, below are a few steps to help you accomplish that. 

Check the Facebook page of the property you're going to rent. Smart property owners who understand their renter's lifestyles usually have a Facebook page with relevant information posted.

Seek out the social areas within the complex. If the apartment complex has a pool area or fitness club, take a peek and see if people are chatting/ relaxing or simply having fun.

Google the Complex Address - This may be a little far fetched and seem like a stalkerish idea but the results may show some of the people who actually live within the complex. You can get a read on what they're like, and if they are into the same type of lifestyle you live. 

Walk the neighborhood. Take a little stroll around the complex and neighborhood surrounding the complex. Stop by in a nearby restaurant, cafe or even a bar. You can get a good read on the vibe of the people who live nearby.

Finding your perfect apartment isn't just about a great space located in a wonderful neighborhood. It's a great bonus if you have neighbors that share your interests and are friendly. A good community makes an apartment feel like home. We've had many neighbors who become great friends at our properties and we hope you are able to accomplish the same!
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