How Workplace Design Can Attract Great Talent

An open office space with natural lighting and plants.

What does your business’s workplace say about you? It turns out you could be driving away great talent because of the way your office space looks. Potential hires need to be able to picture themselves spending 40 hours a week in your workplace, so if you’re settling for bare walls and bland design, that’s a problem. Here are a few of the ways that your workplace design can work in your favor.

Communicate Your Culture

Your office space is an opportunity to communicate your culture, not just to potential hires but to current employees, as well. If you’re not taking advantage of that opportunity, the qualities you want to sell an interviewee on might be completely undermined by your office’s design.


For example, it’s hard to say you value creativity when your workplace is devoid of color, and on the flip side, more professional workplaces should communicate that tone through their space. If your workplace doesn’t match up with your values, you might be giving mixed messages to new hires.


At Rosetti Properties, we work with our tenants to customize each office space to suit their needs. From painting the walls to installing new features, we want to make sure your office fits your company culture.

Stand Out from the Crowd

When a potential new hire comes in for an interview, what will their first impression be?  You want to make sure your office has enough of a distinct atmosphere that they’ll remember you over the other businesses they’re interviewing with.


More and more, hiring decisions are in the hands of the candidates. Pay rate and benefits can go a long way, but if a potential employee can’t imagine themselves enjoying your workplace, they’re not going to accept your employment offer. Candidates who interview at multiple businesses might find the details blurring together if your office doesn’t stand out in their minds as a place they want to work.

Improve Morale

When you’re interviewing a candidate, you’re asking them to imagine spending 8 hours each weekday in your office. Candidates want to work somewhere that meets their needs, and while these needs may vary from industry to industry, you’ll want to make sure that your workplace is a comfortable place to spend time.


Features such as natural lighting, ample space, and room for collaboration can all go a long way towards improving the atmosphere in your office. If your workplace feels good, you’ll attract new talent while retaining the employees you already have.



If your workplace isn’t achieving its highest potential, Rosetti Properties can help! Our office spaces are completely customizable, so we can work together to create a space that suits your needs. To find an office that works for you, contact Rosetti Properties today.