Why You Need Office Space In The Capital Region

guy at computer

The pandemic has forced many office workers to work from home and there have been questions on whether companies in the Capital Region need office space in 2021. Everybody knows that collaboration and communication is the key to any business and the office is the center of that success. There have been mixed reviews on if working from home really works for business success and their employee’s health and productivity. We are here to shed some light on a few reasons you may want to keep your office space in the Capital Region!

Services & Occupations

There are some services and occupations that simply put, require a physical office. Businesses like retail, food services, beauty and personal care services all require customers to visit their physical location in order to receive a product or service. Having a physical location helps customers know where to find you and when they can expect to do business with you. Having an office sets clear expectations of when you are open for business.


Certain occupations like lawyers, accountants, and therapists have always been known to have physical office space so they can meet with clients in a professional and safe environment. For any business to succeed, your customers need to trust you. There’s no doubt that a professional appearance and dedicated office space can help you achieve this.

Offices Foster Collaboration & Big Ideas

Businesses thrive when they can communicate and think big collectively. Office space allows for employees to gather in a common area and flush out ideas together. Yes, some of this can do done virtually but quick fast paced meetings are often not as effective over a conference call. It’s hard to read body language and facial expressions and for employees who are more reserved or shy they are often not able to get their ideas heard over someone who is charismatic and outgoing.


Working in teams enables employees to be quicker and more effective with their work, compared to people who work individually. Collaborating also makes employees more responsible for their work, which goes a long way in raising their motivation levels. Providing your employees with needed office space will ultimately help your business thrive.

Attract A Quality Workforce

Beyond the visual appearance, a company’s office serves as a hint to how it treats employees and clients. Applicants who are good at what they do are in demand and that means they have choices. Your office design communicates your brand and company culture so give them a reason to work for you. Your workplace speaks volumes about who you are as a company and who you want to be. Smart companies are changing the way they think about the workplace. Attract top talent to increase revenue and productivity and make your business succeed.


There are many reasons why you need office space in the Capital Region. Looking at the pros outweighing the cons having a great staff with effective communication is how your business is going to succeed. You can get fully customized office space when you lease with Rosetti Properties. Set your business up for success and tour our available locations today. We can work with you to bring your vision and company culture to life. Contact us to set up your tour today!