Why More Renters Are Shopping for Apartments With In-Unit Washers and Dryers

Man doing laundry

There are many factors that renters consider when choosing an apartment to call home. Amenities, such as private balconies, community fitness centers or pools, can persuade renters into selecting one certain property over another. One of the most popular amenities that renters look for that you might not think of is in-unit washers and dryers.

There are three options to do laundry when renting: the local laundromat, community laundry room or in-unit washers and dryers. In-unit laundry is when an apartment has laundry machines in a renter’s unit rather than in a shared room like the basement. Check out the top four reasons why renters are shopping for apartments with in-unit washers and dryers.

Top 4 Reasons Renters Want In-Unit Laundry

1. Convenience: In-unit laundry allows you to clean your clothes when it is most convenient for you. You no longer have to compete for a machine or wait for someone to unload the dryer. In-unit washers and dryers also give you more time to get tasks done in between cycles and eliminate the commute to the laundromat or to a property’s shared laundry room.

2. Privacy: The lack of privacy is a big disadvantage of laundromats and shared on-site laundry rooms. Your undergarments, sheets, and clothes are out in the open for everyone to see, including your neighbors. An in-unit washer and dryer provides you with the privacy you need to clean your unmentionables without having to hide them from your neighbors.

3. Security: In addition to privacy, in-unit laundry offers a higher level of security for you and your clothing. In a laundromat or shared laundry room, there is always a threat of theft especially if your clothes are unattended for any amount of time. Shared facilities also pose a threat to the wellbeing of your clothing. There is no way to know who used a machine before you or if they checked their pockets before using the machine. This can lead to items in the machine that can damage the machine, as well as your clothing.

4. Cost: It is estimated that the average cost per load at a laundry mat is between $2 and $3. In-unit washers and dryers decrease this cost to less than $1 per load. The laundry bill adds up quickly when washing per load at a laundromat or shared property laundry room. The savings generated by in-unit washers and dryers is enticing to renters, especially those who do multiple loads of laundry.

Lucky for many of our residents around the Capital Region many of our apartments come equipped with in-unit washers and dryers to make apartment living luxury living. If you are in the market for an apartment with an in-unit washer and dryer, contact us today to schedule a tour! We have a property for everyone! Check out all our properties on our website to see which property is the best fit for you.