Where to Change Your Address When You Move

letter in mailbox

There’s a lot to think about when you move! From packing and scheduling moving trucks to managing utilities and Internet, the list may seem endless. One thing that is important to do whenever you move to a new home is to change your address.

This step alone can feel like it has its own endless list, as there are many places you may have to update with you new address. We’ve listed them all down below, so you don’t forget one!

1. The Post Office

The most obvious one and the first one you should complete! Any mail that gets delivered to your old address will be automatically forwarded to your new one for 12 months.

2. Gas and Electric

This should be done the moment you know your new address and the day you’re moving. Other wise you risk being without heat and electricity!

3. Phone, Cable and Internet

These days, it can be hard to imagine living without Internet, even for a few hours! Don’t let it be days by forgetting to inform your cable and Internet provider that you’re moving. You’ll also need to alert your cell phone provider so they know where to send your bill.

4. Tax Agencies

Log on to the IRS website as well as your state’s government website to notify them of your new address.

5. Home or Renters’ Insurance

Your home or renters’ insurance agency will need to know where to transfer your policy to. Get this taken care of early so you know you’re covered in case anything happens!

6. Your Bank, Loan Provider and Credit Card Company

Unfortunately, your credit card bills and loans will always find you. Give your bank, loan provider and credit card company a call to notify them of the change.

7. Subscription Services

It’d be a shame to have an exciting package be sent to your old address! Log on to your online account and change your address so you know you’ll get your next shipment.


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