Top 4 Indoor Plant Mistakes You Could Be Making

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Sprucing your home up with indoor plants not only creates a source of vibrancy and joy but can also bring life into an otherwise inanimate space. An indoor plant that is struggling to survive can make your space look dreary and can bring down the overall appearance of your home. Admittedly so, there are a few mistakes many of us are guilty of making when it comes to caring for our house plants. Continue reading to learn more about the common mistakes we make with plants and how to fix them!

4 Indoor House Plant Mistakes

1. Fertilization: For indoor plants to survive, they rely on nutrients found in their soil. For them to truly thrive and flourish, they may require additional nutrients found in fertilizers. Ideally, you will want to fertilize during the plant’s natural growing season and then taper off until their dormant season. This schedule will vary depending on the plants natural schedule.
2. Hygiene: This may sound odd, but, plants need to have their hygiene maintained too. Plants that live outside essentially become clean with the wind and rain. To help their continued growth and prevent possible pest infestation, it is ideal to dust their leaves and remove any dead foliage.
3. Location: For us, where we live is typically based on the age old adage of ‘location, location, location!’ the same can be said for your indoor plants. Your interior design hopes and dreams shouldn’t determine where your plants should live. For plants to thrive, you need to keep in mind what they need in order to flourish. Is it 8 hours of full sun or maybe they prefer a life that’s only in the sun for a few hours? If they aren’t receiving the proper amount of sunlight, it could be detrimental to their survival.
4. Water: Are you the person who forgets to water their plants or the person who waters them too frequently? Whichever category you find yourself in, you’re actually causing serious harm to your plants. Familiarize yourself with their watering needs and then set a schedule for yourself whether it’s a reminder in your phone or you write it on the calendar in your kitchen.

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