Tips for Finding A New Office Space

Tips for Finding a New Office Space

There’s nothing better than seeing your company grow and expand. Sales are up, employees are happy and you’re hiring more team members. More often than
not, a growing company requires a bigger office space. If your company has outgrown its current location, keep reading for our tips on finding a new
office space.

Talk to Your Property Manager

Assuming you’re renting your current space,
talk to your property manager! It’s likely that they have a building that will suit your needs or know of one that will be available soon. They may
also allow you to keep your existing lease terms despite the move. The worst they can say is no, so it’s worth a shot!

Consider Multiple Offices

With email, online chat systems and video conferences, it’s no longer necessary to have all of your employees in one office. Consider opening a second
office and moving some employees there. Having employees in multiple locations opens up more opportunities for new business as well.

Prioritize Company Culture

Where are most of your employees commuting from? Finding an office space an hour from where most of your team lives is not going to go over well. If you
can find an office that will make the commute simpler for your employees that’s even better.

It’s also important to think about how your company operates. Is there a lot of collaboration or do people mostly work on individual projects? Do you want
each person to have an office or will an open floor plan be better? This will influence the type of layout your new space will have.

Get the Word Out

Let people know that you’re looking a new space. Post on social media, add a line to your email signature, and ask around. You never know who knows of
an office that will suit your needs. A good message for social media may be, “We’re growing! If you know of an available office space, please pass
the information on to us.”

Focus on Engagement

When an office is so full that people become too close for comfort, you know it’s time for a move. If it’s hard to schedule a meeting because the one conference
room is always in use or the parking lot is full with only 5 cars in it, employees start to get angry. An enjoyable work environment leads to more productive employees.
It’s in your best interest to look for a new office that will boost morale and productivity.

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