Throw Your Best Halloween Party Ever

halloween party

Fall is upon us and Halloween is right around the corner. If you haven’t confirmed any plans, and you’re thinking of hosting a party, use our ideas to inspire your event!

Décor: Each year, it’s the same. Skeletons, black cats, orange and black – well, everything, from plates to balloons, the color combination is everywhere.  Try something different this year, rich shades of purple that are deep in color pair well with black and takes your color-scheme from ordinary to extraordinary!

Take your decorations up a level or two with a makeshift chandelier. What you will need: latex balloons filled with helium, twine, and spiders (Check your local craft store, or online supplier for these. Ones made from stiff paper will work the best.) Once your balloons are filled, tie a long strand of twine to the end, then create a small hole in your spider. From there, you will feed the other end of the twine through the hole and tie a knot, securing your spider at the end of the twine. Your spiders will look like they’re climbing down from your balloons!

Beverages: Remember going to dances in middle school and people congregated awkwardly around the punch bowl? Your guests will hang around these too, but, because they’re positively spooktacular. In a clear punchbowl mix lemon-lime soda and lime sherbet, then drop a few scoops of the sherbet on top and drizzle a little bit more lemon-lime soda over the scoops. This will create a foggy-frosty concoction your guests will love.

For a punch that is extra creepy fill a latex glove with water, tie it shut, lay the glove flat in your freezer and leave it there until it is frozen solid. Once you put together your favorite type of punch, remove the ice hand from the glove (you may need to cut the glove) and put it in your punch! So easy but adds a much-desired level of creepy.

Food: Surely, you’ve been to Halloween parties and seen the typical “mummy dogs,” but what about desserts? Create mini monster eyes by using mini powdered sugar donuts, gummy rings, and a brown M&M. The gummy ring acts as the iris while the M&M acts like the pupil of your monster eyeball. You can simply stack the ingredients on top of one another, or you can use royal icing to “glue” them together.

If you’re going with the purple and black color scheme, you can make a coordinating purple and black trifle for dessert. Trifles sound harder than they really are. Alternate layers of brownie bits (or chocolate cake) and no-bake blackberry cheesecake in individual cups. It will work well with your theme and your guests will love this delicious treat!

Now that you’ve heard our ideas, start planning and have fun! Looking for a new place to call your home? Find your new apartment today. You’ll love our apartments so much; you won’t want to leave!