The Benefits to Having a Clubhouse

Living in an apartment complex comes with a lot of amenities like pools, sports courts, and picnic areas, but one perk you may not think of that gives you something that stand alone apartments do not offer, is the clubhouse. At each of our Rosetti Properties, residents have access to the common area clubhouse, an area that you can utilize for all kinds of entertainment. It’s that time of year where cabin fever tends to get us, and it’s only just begun! That’s why at , we’ve created a space where our residents can get out of their homes and into a new environment to enjoy without even starting their car. Many of our clubhouses feature:

  •  A Fireplace: A place for you to curl up and read a good book, or stay cozy by the fire in the winter.
  •  A Library: While you’re here, grab a book to read from our great selection of books.
  • Board Games: You can get together for an intense family game night and use any of our selection of board games.
  • Television:This is great when you want to host friends and family for “the big game” or have a viewing party for this seasons must watch show.
  • WiFi: Stay connected while you’re in the clubhouse. You can use the to get a change of scenery if you work from home and the WiFi never lets you skip a beat.
  • Kitchen Facilities: If you just don’t want to head back to your apartment, make yourself a little snack to enjoy while you’re in the clubhouse.
  • A Pool Table: Practice your pool skills solo, or start a tournament with some friends.
  • Entertainment for All: Our clubhouse is exclusively available to rent out for all of our residents! Host a birthday party, holiday party, or a simple get together to bring your closest friends together at a place that’s all for you.

Our clubhouses not only gives you wonderful ways to host your friends and family, but also provides a great way for our residents to meet one another. Keep an eye out for Rosetti Properties events at your apartments. Who knows, your new best friend might be just around the corner!