Successfully Onboarding New Employees in 5 Steps


As the needs of your business grows and changes, hiring new employees is a valuable part of your business’ success. What’s more important than hiring? A successful onboarding process doesn’t end when the last of the paperwork is completed and given to HR. Follow these 5 tips to successful onboard a new employee and set them up for success at your company.

5 Steps to Successfully Onboard a New Employee

1. Checklist: Creating a detailed process, or checklist, is important in ensuring you haven’t missed an important step or piece of paperwork during the first few days with your new employee. Your checklist will make sure they get all of the pertinent information, trainings are completed, and technology is in place.
2. Forms: Prior to their first day, compile all of the forms your newest team member will need to fill out. You will find it’s easiest to have a folder that holds the necessary paperwork, this way the employee can stay organized and return the folder once they’ve completed everything.
3. What to Expect: Once their starting day has been decided, send a follow up email to the employee giving them an outline of what to expect on their first day. Let them know when they should arrive, special instructions for entering the building (if applicable); who to report to, and items they should bring with them. It may also be helpful to send an agenda for the day so they know what their schedule looks like. Perhaps incorporate a team-building activity during this time so that the staff can learn more about each other.
4. Expectations and Fit: First days are always awkward and sometimes difficult to maneuver, especially if the new employee doesn’t know or understand how they fit within your company. Educate them as to how they belong in the business structure and culture; let them know they are more than something miniscule and what your expectations are.
5. Follow-Up Process: Once the paperwork is completed and they’ve begun to get in the swing of things in their new position, follow up with them. During this time ask them how they are adjusting, how they feel about the position, tasks, even the culture. You can also use this as an opportunity to find out what you can do to improve the onboarding process for your business.

Finding the Ideal Location

For your business to be a success, who you have working on your team is important, so is your office space. Shops and office buildings that are difficult to access or far away from desirable amenities could be a deterrent for potential employees and clientele. Finding your ideal location in the Capital Region isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Contact Rosetti Properties today to get started and find your new space!