Stop Making These Freezer Organization Mistakes

Your freezer is a magical place where pints of ice cream and frozen leftovers coexist. While it may seem like you can just put things in the freezer however you’d like (which…you can), you will be better off if you know how to avoid these common organizing mistakes.

You Let Your Freezer Get Too Warm

We’ve all stood in front of our freezer with the door open, trying to decide what we want to eat. This can quickly cause the temperature to rise, allowing food to thaw out and go bad. Take a mental note of what’s in your freezer and decide what pint of ice cream you want before opening the door.

It’s also important to set the temperate of your freezer as cold as it can go. If you can’t find the dial, look inside the fridge!

There is Too Much, or Too Little in Your Freezer

If the only thing in your freezer is a bag of peas that has been in there for 3 month, it’s time to head to the frozen food aisle. If your freezer is empty it has to work harder to keep the food inside frozen. You don’t want it jam packed either, though. If there is too much the air won’t circulate properly, which can overtax the condenser and make it harder to keep your food frozen.

How does that one fairy tale go, you want your freezer filled just right?

You’re Not Labeling Your Food

“I’ll definitely remember what this is,” says anyone who has ever put leftovers in the freezer. Fast forward a month and you’re opening containers and Ziplock bags trying to figure out what the red stuff is (spoiler alert, it’s pasta sauce). Do yourself a favor and label your containers using masking tape and a pen. It’s also a good idea to put the date that the food was frozen so you know how old it is.

You’re Not Keeping Nuts, Seed and Flour in the Freezer

Up until now you’ve probably believed that nuts, seeds, and flours are all pantry items. These items contain oil, meaning they can go rancid if they sit around at room temperature. If you store them in the freezer they’ll last much longer!

You’re Keeping Your Ice Cream in the Freezer Door

No one wants melted ice cream. The freezer door is the warmest part, which means it’s a bad place to keep your ice cream. Move the pints to the back of the freezer and store your nuts and seeds in the door instead.

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