Home workout equipment you can easily store in your apartment

working out from home

Sometimes, a home workout can do the trick, especially on days we don’t want to head to the gym or don’t have the motivation to participate in a group workout class. If you’re looking to stay at home and skip the gym, there are pieces of home workout equipment that won’t take up too much space in your apartment.

Here, we’ll review the best home workout equipment you can easily store. Let’s maximize your workouts and your storage space, all at the same time. A bonus: most of these pieces cost less than $50!

1. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are tiny rubber bands that come in different levels of resistance. They’re a great way to build strength and muscle mass. Whether you use them alone or add them to upgrade your home workout, these bands help burn belly fat, strengthen your core, and tighten your glutes. You can purchase resistance bands at most major retailers for less than $50.

2. Core sliders

Core sliders are a fan favorite for Pilates lovers everywhere. These cost-effective sliders are a great way to intensify your bodyweight workout while challenging your core and stability muscles. Because they’re designed to glide across surfaces, their little friction creates tension in your muscles, as you try not to let them slip. This helps you get a stronger and leaner physic without all the weight. They’re a great addition if you want to increase the intensity of any workout.

3. Yoga mat

From yoga to Pilates to HITT, yoga mats are a versatile workout home equipment option. They’re great because they soften the surface you’re lying, kneeling, or standing on. This way your joints and muscles are supported and cushioned while doing floorwork. They’re also extremely portable. So, you can easily take your mat outside to your balcony or outdoor space.

4. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great home workout equipment option for strength training. With their design, you can do a variety of strength-based workouts while getting some major perks. Some of the full-body benefits of kettlebells include a stronger grip and forearms and improved strength and power.

5. Dumbbells and stand

Dumbbells are a classic way to increase strength and stimulate muscle growth. By purchasing a stand, you can easily store your dumbbells, so you don’t have your home workout equipment spread out on the floor of your apartment. Plus, smaller-sized dumbbells are great for apartments, as they’re not too heavy and don’t take up too much space. You can easily incorporate them into your home exercises.

Need more space for your workout equipment? We can help!

If your current apartment doesn’t have enough storage or space for your workout equipment, contact us. Our select apartments feature large, oversized closets, additional storage space, and much more! Together, let’s help you find the perfect apartment space for you and your workout equipment. Still don’t think you have enough space to live and stay on your workout grind? Many of our apartments around the Capital Region have their own state-of-the-art fitness center right outside your door. Let us show you around!