The Perks of Renting With Rosetti

There are numerous perks and benefits of being a renter with Rosetti Properties, including peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about aspects of home life like a homeowner does. Become the envy of your home-owning friends with these major perks.

  1. School Taxes:Homeowners are required to pay school taxes whether they have children or not. Renters, even those with children, are lucky enough to avoid paying this tax.
  2. Property Taxes: Yet another cost associated with home-ownership are property taxes, and depending on the area, they can be quite costly. This is an expense incurred by homeowners, and not renters, making it a valuable perk for renters.
  3. Maintenance Repairs: While renting, we understand that things do happen, and replacements will need to be made. Renters won’t be responsible for repairs or replacement unless there has been gross neglect. You are responsible, however, for notifying our Maintenance Staff of the repair request.
  4. Property Updates: A new roof, window replacement, and exterior updates are all something homeowners face. Stonegate residents don’t have to worry about these updates!
  5. Pest Control:As winter comes to an end; pests begin to appear again in the lawn. They can be quite the nuisance, but, not one that renters need to handle.
  6. Flooring: Having new flooring installed can be quite costly for homeowners, making it a wonderful perk for renters. Replacement of flooring, unless there has been gross neglect, is up to Stonegate to replace.
  7. Pavement Upkeep: Pavement upkeep is another costly expense homeowners are faced with. This is not the case for renters though! Pavement upkeep falls to the responsibility of Stonegate!
  8. Lawn Maintenance:Spend the warmer months enjoying what you love doing as opposed to yard work. Spring clean-up, planting, and mowing are all part of our maintenance plan.
  9. Garbage:While renting, you are responsible for ridding your apartment of garbage and waste. Luckily, you are not responsible for the garbage being hauled away.
  10. Snow Removal: The Capital Region is no stranger to snowstorms and snow removal. Luckily for you, snow removal is left to us to handle!

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