Organize Your Cabinets in 5 Easy Steps

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It may feel like an impossible task, but becoming more organized and creating more storage space in your apartment doesn’t have to be the daunting task we create in our minds. Full disclosure, it isn’t difficult at all, all you need are the best tips to help create the right ideas!

5 Steps to Better Organized Cabinets

1. Everything has a Place: Open your cabinets and take a step back to truly look at them. Does everything make sense where it’s currently living? Does it flow well with the space? If you’re searching for a utensil while cooking and can’t quickly find it, then it’s time to reorganize so the space works more efficiently.
2. Containers: Store-bought inserts can also help increase the amount of items cabinets can hold, much like cabinet cubbies. Plate racks, Lazy Susans, vertical cookie sheets, and so much more can help hold everything in its rightful place.
3. Tools with a Purpose: Try incorporating purposeful tools into your kitchen. Magnetic spice containers, for example, are a great way to clear up counter space or cabinet space since they can stick to the side of your refrigerator.
4. Out of Sight: Items that you don’t use as frequently, but maybe need easy access to, can be stored in cute bins and baskets on top of cabinets where they are out of the way. If they are items that won’t be used quite as much, consider using a container that has a lid so you can keep the dust out.
5. Cubbies: Cabinet cubbies, rather than open shelving, kind of force your hand and make you keep everything organized. This way you are less likely to have cluttered messy looming behind the cabinet door.

We would love to see how you’ve organized your space, or even if you feel like you need a little help and you’re looking for suggestions! Share photos of your cabinets with us on Facebook and don’t forget to follow our pages so you can keep up with everything we share each month.

Have you tried organizing your cabinets and find you’re still struggling to find a place for everything? It’s possible that there simply isn’t enough space in your home. If this sounds like the situation you’re facing, schedule a tour of our apartments!