5 Employee office perks that increase employee satisfaction

collaborative office spacecollaborative office space

For many years, there’s been a huge buzz around office perks and how they benefit employees and the organization. Major companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Google are famous for their collaborative, high-tech workspaces. Yet, you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to integrate lasting solutions that boost company culture and employee morale.

In this article, we’ll go over five features to build into your office space to achieve results. Keep in mind: it’s best practice to survey your employees and their needs to identify a winning office perk strategy. Let’s get started!

What are office perks?

Office perks are goods, services, and opportunities that aren’t a part of salary or wages that have value. In short, when you think of office perks, think about no-cost additional benefits that attract and retain workers. These office perks are meant to do a few key things, such as:

  • Reinforce workplace culture
  • Attract top talent
  • Retain quality employees
  • Differentiate your company from the competition

Typically, more quirky companies offer more quirky perks. This is because you want to include office perks that reflect the values and interests of your employees. You also want your office perks to strengthen your company’s long-term culture and organizational goals. For example, SmartPak Equine allows their employees to bring their dogs to work, and they also hire a dog groomer for employees’ pets every month. While you don’t need to allow pets into the office to boost your employee morale, this is one way a company has initiated a special policy to add to their organization.

Why do I need office perks?

As we mentioned earlier, offering office perks doesn’t solely benefit employees. There’s a great added benefit to the organization, as well. It truly is a win-win situation because you’re boosting your employee’s morale, which in turn, leads to more productivity.

Think about it: People work harder when they know they’re appreciated. Here are a few more benefits that you may be surprised to see:

  • Increased productivity
  • Higher success rates in achieving organizational goals
  • Higher percentage of employee retention and attraction
  • Improved work culture

5 ways to integrate office perks into your workplace

Now that you know what office perks are and how they benefit your employees and business, let’s review 5 ways you can integrate office perks into your workplace.

Collaboration spaces

In the last decade, collaboration spaces have become extremely popular because of big companies like Google. The key to collaboration spaces is creating a space or environment that supports your organization’s larger goal. The way you can apply this in office is by breaking down physical barriers to create a more open workspace. This allows your employees to have enough room apart from each other while still being close to their team members.

Office showers

If your employees are active, placing showers in your office’s bathroom may be a huge benefit, especially if you have an office gym. Office showers are great because they allow employees to rinse off after a workout or walk, also giving your employees the chance to freshen up after a long day’s work.

Upgraded vending machines

With new innovations in the restaurant and catering industry, there are upgraded vending machines that supply healthy, fresh meals for your employees. These new vending machines are great solutions because they give your employees an easy way to get healthier, tailored food options during the day. They can take mobile payments to make for a smoother process. Many companies like Google have found offering upgraded vending machines with healthier options has influenced employees to eat better, saving the organization money on medical costs.

Office breakrooms, lounges, and social areas

There are many benefits to employees taking their required breaks. Not only does it reduce employee’s stress, but it also gives them time to relax and regain balance. That’s why offering an office breakroom, lounge, or social area can be a key incentive to encouraging employees to use their lunch (and have fun while they’re doing it!). The best part: you can model these spaces based on the interests of your employees. So, if you’re a technology company, you may want a recreational space where employees can play video games or other high-tech activities.

Office gym and wellness space

This has been an increasing incentive being offered at companies. That’s because the more your business invests in employee wellness, the less you’ll have to pay in medical costs and unproductive employees in the long run. You don’t have to build an entire gym at your office space to enjoy this office perk. Many companies have a room or space where employees can do yoga, get a massage, or walk on a treadmill.

Build office perks in your commercial space: Call the experts!

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